Years ago, and no I won’t admit to how many, when I began studying Theology, the question of whether to pursue ordination arose. At the time it was obvious that before considering any such undertaking much, much more qualification would be required on my part.

Years later, having had my head well and truly bent by the academic, historical and educated influences illuminating just how much late model godbaggery and spiritual abuse deviates from any attempt at human evolution espoused by any prophet, I’ve jumped at the chance.

The Universal Life Church Monastery has two tenets, to promote freedom of religion and to do what’s right. That very nicely overlaps with two of the main tenets of neo-Paganism, summed up in “as ye harm none, so do as ye will.”

And the promise of being an ordained Witch was simply too much for me. :-)

Rev. Lisa Cybele Crowlie. Has a nice ring to it, dontcha think?

So. If you know anyone who would like to be married to their bicycle, dog or cat… or same sex partner, please let me know. I can perform marriage ceremonies now. But not male/female marriages of power imbalance. Because I do have some morals, yanno.


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