Things you read. From the ‘up all night online again’ Dept.

T’was a pleasant evening upon which to revisit the hilarity and obstreperousness of one Twisty Faster, Gentleman farmer and spinster Aunt… Possibly the most (in)famous and certainly one of the most lyrically skilled Feminist bloggers in the whole ‘sphere…

Damn, that woman can write!

Ahem. Anyways. Comments on one of her posts lead to a most amusing, surprising blog by a bloke, no less.

Physioprof is as entertaining as Saint Twisty. Anyone who can title a post: “Ridiculous Demented Right-Wing Wackaloon Theocratic Douchemonkeys Fuck Up Big Time” gets my vote. (Said douchemonkeys kicked P Z Meyers out of a screening of a film defending creationism but somehow overlooked the fact that Richard Dawkins was also in the audience.)

Further, it seems the bloke they kicked out was actually interviewed for the movie. Here’s more.

The original point was that I’m quite amused to find someone more foul-mouthed and anti-religious than I am. Cheers!


Sexy witch blogging.

Found this site and the pics were so good I thought I’d share!

bathing witch Heh, yeah, I’d take her to bed. :D

New favourite blogs.

A link to Lab Kat, one of my new favourite blogs.

It’s a while since I’ve perused the ‘nets discovering wild, willful, wonderful, intelligent, garrulous women, and there seem to be more and more of us out there. Vive le Femme!

There really are some delightfully funny writers out there.

In other news, I’ve been pondering news reports that women in Australia now outnumber men. What might be the implication of this? Given our convict beginnings, there were many, many more men than women in Australia at the outset of Anglo settlement. Some 200:1. Anne Summers wrote a fantastic book called “Damned whores and God’s police” detailing the hefty dose of madonna/whore thinking in Australia’s foundation.

Initially I thought this news about numbers might provoke women-hating idiots like those in Sydney Anglican diocese (and unfortunately elsewhere) who think women should be submissive to men, to try to take ‘a firmer hand’.

However, if there are simply more of us here, doens’t that now make us the norm, culturally speaking? Isn’t our experience and life now more “normal” by simple weight of numbers? Hmmm. This should inspire some creative thinking among young (and old!) women for some time to come!