The future at YSL

One of the most famous quotes from Kingdom of Heaven is “All death is certain.” Unfortunately (or not depending upon how green you are) it happens to everyone. Yves Saint Laurent passed away last night at the age of 71. What a shame. Here was a man who did some constructive, beautiful things with his life. Oddly, I’ve been wearing his perfume Opium all last week which I haven’t worn in years…

Yves Saint Laurent brought in those power dressing shoulders in women’s suits in the 80’s and of course his (in)famous cerulean gowns.

While it might not seem terribly feminist to appreciate haute couture, not least because of the poverty entrenched around the globe, in contrast with such a small proportion of the population being able to drape their hides in glam gear, there is so much creativity in these designs. And we desperately need creativity if we’re to solve our crises. Without people who can buck the system and do something genuinely innovative, we’ll stay stuck in our current miasma of global consumerism until we poison ourselves off the planet.

Vale Yves.


Question time.

In parliament yesterday our new Prime Minister was making noises about reducing the unemployment rate. This is probably a good thing, though it would be better if they went back to counting everyone who’s unemployed rather than only those registered as looking for work. The count changed under the Howard Government so that the current figures don’t really compare to historical ones.

There’s one problem. We have an economy set up so that substantial numbers of people must be unemployed for there to be much confidence in the stock market, to keep the economy looking good. It is so well known that in recent news regarding the “credit crunch” financial comentators were saying overtly that for Australia to come through well, the unemployment rate needs to go up.

So how are we to have people employed and maintain a good economy?

And why is it that if so many people need to be out of work for others to enjoy low interest rates, those who are unemployed or on pensions are so viciously vilified in the media? Why kick the struggling scapegoats? Or is it simply another hangover of John Howard’s politics of resentment?

Either way, nothing’s really changed yet for those of us who aren’t in the top 10% sitting back watching the investments pile up. Anyone who was waiting on Kevin Rudd to help with the rent crisis or rapidly rising food prices can apparently keep on waiting.

Meet the new boss…


Cats testing

It was the toes questions that did it. :)

Your Score: You are Circe!

You scored 75 % Cattitude, 47% Laziness

Found on the streets of Detroit in winter by a Hassidic Jew, your life did not begin with ease. Consequently, the chip on your shoulder is quite substantial. Luckily, there are many orange cats to lash out against. God, you hate those orange cats. But did you ever consider it might be racist, Circe?

And please remember: toes are a sometimes food, not an all the time food.

Link: The Which of My Cats Are You Test written by cimordnilap on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Sorting out blogs. Part two.

creek lightNear home.

This is only one of several blogs I keep. One for cycling which turned into a free-for all, one for climbing, though that hasn’t been updated in a while… Now this one for all my political/religious/feminist observations. The homepages need to be moved now that my root account has changed… I’ll get to that.

So. Now to update links. This will be fun.

Abortion laws in Victoria.

MPs seek safeguard on abortion story appeared in the online press today. Well, at least it’s in Victoria and not a football for the Federal election… She says waiting to see an expression of ‘famous last words’.

The changes are about decriminalising abortion, though it tends not to be prosecuted at present anyways. If it goes under the health act, as proposed, there will be limitations to the effect that a woman’s mental or physical health must be threatened before the procedure can be done. This would make it more difficult to obtain an abortion. That would increase the number of backyard abortions… Hard to see how that’s an improvement, but the Premier is a Catholic.

Do we really want to re-create the US system where a very few church goers dictate to the rest of the population what they can and cannot do, then restrict their education and employment based on “user pays”? Do we really want to create a class society in which the dollar is god and people excluded from the upper echelons of society are condemned to a life without adequate education, health care or other opportunities? Why would we want to create such a barbaric society? If people really believed that the law of the concrete jungle was the best way to do, they could take off their clothes and go live with apes. The measure of a civilised society used to be how the poor, widows and orphans were treated, back when society was civilised. Before we used ‘free market economies’ to effectively reintroduce slave labour.

Would be nice if in the 21st century Australian women could make up their own minds what happens to their own bodies. Particularly since there’s already 6 billion people on the planet.

That brings up another point. Why are politicians so keen for Australian women to have more babies? Aren’t there too many humans on earth as it is? Aren’t we having trouble feeding, clothing and housing everyone? Aren’t we producing way too much pollution and clearing way too much forest and ripping up established environments? What’s the go with wanting an increase to all that? I notice, however, that no white politician in a ‘good’ white country talks about women in Africa having more children… Curious that.

If such approach to growth is based on a misrepresentation of a 3,000 year old tribal tradition and stories of origin from the Ancient Near East, it only goes to show Nimrod is still alive and well. And illegitimately claiming God’s authority for his bastard imperial agendas.

First things first.

Hi, I’m Lis’ and I’m a blogaholic. I admit, I need another blog like I need a hole in the head, but after readingTwisty’s blog, of which I am a great fan, it seems WordPress might be worth a try.