Support your own home grown terrorist organisation.

Last week I had a phone call from an Indian man who was conducting a survey on policing in Victoria. One of the questions he asked me was about how afraid I was that there might be an imminent terrorist attack where I live. An attack on civilians designed to create terror… Hmmm… You mean someone doing their nut at the local cheap & nasty department store because someone stuffed up a delivery? A redneck going on a road rage rampage because his boss chewed him out and he’s too gutless to stand up for himself? People being beaten and robbed in their own homes? Perhaps a girl who’s taken into foster care because she was abused by her father, only to be raped by the foster father?

Or are we referring to someone who has a motive connected to a war our nation started in another country? When the man asked me that question, the thought occurred that the only terrorists I’m concerned about are those in Canberra and Washington. For example, people in Iraq are now living in the midst of a civil war as a result of our Prime Minister lying in Parliament about weapons of mass destruction that did not and do not exist. Troops are being bombed and shot in Afghanistan by weapons supplied by the US to support the war against the Russians. Weapons made and funded by US businesses and supported by US and Australian politicians.

Daily there is noise in the mainstream media about the war on terror. There is also trade in munitions and firearms made in the US and sold overseas to make money. On top of this there is talk in the US about providing Saudi Arabia with millions of dollars in military funding, despite there being allegations of Saudi support for militants in Iraq and continuing human rights violations. To be doubly sure that the funding of more weapons in the Middle East does maximum damage, the US is also giving millions to Israel.

This is from a nation whose leaders claim they’d rather not have a continuing problem with guns, bombs and bullets…. Where are the jumper leads when you need them?

If Canberra was serious about not bringing terrorism to Australia, which is a little late because our Prime minister imported it personally with his lies and mininformation, we should be treating the US government as a terrorist organisation. Forget Dr. Haneef who gave a cousin a SIM card, politicians and business people in the US participate in a system that willfully and maliciously destabilises governments, supplies arms to militant organisations and tortures or facilitates torture of civilians. Any person who works for a US based corporation in Australia is facilitating supply of money, proceeds and support for a terrorist organisation through taxes and/or other donations. Applying the same standards that were applied to Dr. Haneef should mean that all directors and managers or all such companies should be immediately detained or deported.

Unless of course our Prime Minister and Opposition leader are happy to continue this game of creating problems in order to get their faces in the papers. Unless they’re willing to underhandedly promote terrorism at the same time as applying uncivilised, tyrannical laws in a blatantly racist manner in order to try to get elected.

By extension, it could be claimed that if the political system in Australia is so designed that proponents of terrorism are elected to the highest office, providing support and money to men who engage in acts of terrorism in other countries, then everyone who votes in Australia should be detained.

Or we could start to try to participate in the global village in more respectful, responsible ways. It’s just a thought, but if the US and Canberra really want and end to global terrorism they should probably stop creating it.

It is blatantly obvious now to even the most paranoid anti-intellectual that this Government doesn’t have a shred of credibility left with which to scratch itself. By the standards applied to Dr. Haneef the entire Liberal Party should be incarcerated in a detention centre while the AFP and global police organisations fully investigate the circumstances surrounding the deployment of Australian troops into Iraq and the creation of a civil war, that being a monumental act of international terrorism on a scale that makes the London and Bali bombings, and 9-11, look like Guy Fawkes night.