Long weekends.

After all my complaining about car culture, when the new bf came over for the long weekend we sat up to watch Top Gear together ROFLMFAO.

It was a wonderful relaxing few days. I had a cold, which was a great excuse to accept a bit of pampering, watch DVD’s and generally not do a whole lot at all. The only thing I got up for really was to play mud pies on occasion in the veggie patch. For those of you who aren’t organic gardeners, 90% of gardening IMHO is mud pies. Particularly when there’s been a dry spell and you need to run the grey water onto the patch. The other half (who is in no way a green thumb) suggested we widen one of the irrigation ditches between rows in order to have little boat races.
In other news, all the household cats are now fixed. The new black kitten is growing as fast as he can into a lovely big black tom cat and is very smoochy. The little ginger tyke who showed up at our back door, starving and covered in fleas, meowing piteously and batting her big golden eyes, is putting on weight and likewise very happy. So I now have four cats. Can you say “crazy cat lady”?

That’s Batfink’s map of Tassie btw. :D
The cats enjoy chasing anything that flies, including flies, and are happy to assist in keeping those rotten cabbage white butterflies away from my new seedlings. They’re the ones who have those great big soft green squishy caterpillars that can denude a broccoli crop overnight.

It’s interesting to wonder about what life would have been like in an early civilisation where you’d really need to pay attention to irrigation canals and pests. Perhaps childrens’ fascination with little things might have come from tired parents telling them for generations to “go out and collect some caterpillars/chase some butterflies”? Doesn’t really explain those of us who can’t abide the damned things or people who are scared of spiders… but every time I’m out there with the cultivator clearing up silting in the ditches the image springs to mind of someone who would have had to do this daily on a farm in the middle east three thousand years ago…
The long weekend in question was of course easter. It’s always a bit odd here, since we’re on the other side of the planet so it’s the autumn equinox and not the vernal… entering into the bottom half of the year not the warm half. It was by virtue of the early Roman ecclesiastic calendar also about three weeks after the equinox in question. Hence it becomes for me/us a lovely long weekend of indulgence and random debauchery and a bit of gardening. It’s a harvest festival if anything. Though the season is now for planting winter crops, broccoli, cauliflower, wom bok and spinach, so if you really want to make the connection with “life”, there is that. Oh and beans. You need broad beans to make a really filling winter soup ;-)
One good thing about the Pagan calendar, there’s only Samhain now and Yule (midwinter) before things start to look up again. Although in this part of the world it can stay cold until November :( At least it’s a good reason to rug up and sit by the fire with a loved one.

I can only say that using the Craft to make beneficial changes to my life has been a fscking brilliant idea. :D

The only issue is that it generates a degree of anxiety at times. When you’ve grown up accustomed to chaos and self-sabotage, having things run well and smoothly can feel quite uncomfortable. I guess it’s one more of those curious things about human psychology and the depth to which we are affected by those around us, particularly when we are growing up. My therapist was telling me that children who grow up in unpredictable and particularly violent environments produce more than usual levels of cortisol in their bodies and this remains a physical issue throughout their lives. She recommended that I keep up with the meditation and Reiki to manage the background anxiety. I’m wondering if it’s my next step to tackle with Craft ritual and practice. Obviously I don’t want to blow it now that life is finally worth living. Having your body begin producing less stress hormones and more happy hormones is good, but it might be a long term prospect to have both body and mind learn to be at home with that after 40 odd years. If your most primary and deep level brain wiring was done in childhood in traumatic circumstances it’s going to be quite a job to reshape or otherwise ‘manage’ that.

Oh well. While I’m about changing my life beyond recognition I may as well make a good go of it. :D Relaxation and learning to live in peaceful well being. Pink and white candles, I’m thinking. Lavendar oil, rose oil and petals and a bit of Ingvaz, Berkana, Gebo and Elhaz. Sowilo energy is always helpful too.

I am grateful. I appreciate the beneficial changes in my life. I am content.


Au revoir

My adorable black tom cat, the one I’ve been raving about recently as being so smooching and friendly, who used to sit in my lap so very often when I was reading or online…. Passed away last night.

At least the weather had the decency to be cloudy and dark this morning. When Sooty died the sun shone, and it seemed an insult. How dare the sun shine, how dare the world continue to turn, in the absence of the centre of one’s world. Some dead poet wrote a eulogy along similar lines a couple of hundred years or so ago and if I could be bothered I’d search for it.

But not today.

Fortunately a friend had asked us to mind a kitten, who is doing a considerable amount of smooching and purring himself, which is some distraction if not consolation.

Naturally there is all sorts of cognition going on in attempt to avoid becoming too dispondent. Equally as naturally the reconsideration of summary recent events and “if onlys”. But, I lit a gold candle and burnt Myrrh incense to Freya, in thanks for his brief but wonderful life. We had a good year together. Admittedly I bond closely with animals and it’s a substantial blow, but it does feel more like Hagalaz than Isa… so that’s something.

I’m seriously going to miss that little character. He was a real prize.


Bath day kittens update.

Hehe. It’s a reference to some history I came across during the week… though for someone with a reputation as a bit of a hippie it may be relevant. =D And it’s still raining!! Hail Thorr!! This is fantastic. If it keeps up we’ll get a crop of cucumbers afterall. Lying awake listening to the sound of rain on the roof is truly one of the most exquisite experiences of life. Even if the wind is giving the roses a hiding.



Some photos of my gorgeous tom Mephistopheles. He was one of the kittens that was dumped down the drain out front of our house last xmas. The other one went to a new home, but this little guy stayed. Despite having him fixed when he was 4 months old he’s still managed to grow into quite a tom. He brought his first dead sparrow into the house last week (Grrr…) and has a voice on him like that guy from System of a Down.

When he was dumped he was so young that his eyes were still blue and he could barely walk, though that may have also been because he was skin and bones. Poor little bugger. His first birthday is considered to be next Thursday, roughly. Partly decided upon because that would make him a Sagittarius which rather suits him. He’s a real knockabout kind of character and athletic, as well as being the only cat I’ve ever seen fail to land on his feet after rolling off my lap one day LOL. He can, however, jump off the roof quite effectively.

But he loves a smooch. Any time I sit still for more than 5 minutes he appears from nowhere, purring like a four stroke, and wants a cuddle. (Sitting on my lap as I type…) How delightful. Eats like nobody’s business too of course.

There are two black cats sharing the house, Desdemona Crowfeather and this bloke Mephistopheles. When they were registered the council clerk had to ring us to check the names LOL. In case we get any more black cats I have names up my sleeve, fairly predictable things like Beelzebub and Lilith, but two are enough especially when they’re moulting.

In case you’re wondering that’s the beanbag we’re sitting on at 2 in the afternoon on Saturday. I’ve discovered IM, and spent Friday night sitting up way too late chatting and drinking beer, as you do.

While I’m waffling I’ll link a plug for the Nine Worlds Asatru forum over on Delphi. It’s pretty quiet at the moment but there’s a history there and some interesting discussions… perhaps it can be resurrected?

After reading about Norse poetry protocols yesterday, I noticed with interest that someone suggested erotic poetry as an offering to Freya. Don’t panic, I’m not going to subject you to any examples… but doesn’t it sound like a great idea!

New references for contacting other Asatruar:

Melbourne Heathen Moot though they have links with the Odinist group that I’m not really part of…

and the FaceBook Australian Heathen group.

Now for that bath… :D With sage and marjoram from the garden I think, since it’s Spring.

Feline civility

Because cats are so much better behaved than humans seem to be at the moment.
Six and Mephisto cuddling on my bed.
Six and baby Tigger

These are the two kittens that were dumped down the drain out the front of my house just after christmas. They’re both fat and happy now.
refugee kittens