Hat tip to brilliant bloggers

Tonight I came across the blog Reclusive Leftist, IIRC through Hoyden about town, (including coming across Language Log) but that was a couple of blog hours ago… Such awe inspiring intellects may be found about the shop at Facebook… and once you start following links the night simply evaporates into history.

However, sometimes teh commentariat are equally as impressive as teh bloggers. Have a gander at this little effort.

Nights like this do two things. Firstly, a deep sense of appreciation for those of finely crafted intellects who wield such to magnificent effect, illuminating the deepest hypocrisies and abuses of the patriarchy… then the sense of paling in comparison.

It might do to spend more time painting, which I’m no better at than writing, since it’s obviously so well covered by talents far greater than mine. Some time ago I opined that “when I grow up I want to write like Twisty“. While I might now aspire to emulating poor dead Dr. Socks, some days it’s enough to be able to simply read.