Crowlie is a single mother and Theology student living in a town halfway between Ballarat and Melbourne in Australia.

Crowlie is a compulsive thinker and writer, who also indulges in amusing herself with a bit of fire-twirling, cycling, rock climbing when the shoulder is up to it and yoga. Also occasionally experimenting with various spiritual practises, which she could obviously do with more of.

This particular blog is intended to be devoted to Feminist issues, but we’ll see how long that lasts.


One Response to “About”

  1. simply wondered Says:

    crowlie (related in spirit to aleister??),
    i saw your comments at reclusive leftist and came over here because – let’s face it – i thought they were cool. have read a bit (but you will see from violet’s shrewd summation that i have the attention span of a watsit) and i look forward to returning.
    oh – and i see you managed to nick her cat eye thing.
    and you have pictures of cats… what is it with people and cats? i guess it’s like violet and ballet dancers *sigh*
    simply wondered

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