Au revoir

My adorable black tom cat, the one I’ve been raving about recently as being so smooching and friendly, who used to sit in my lap so very often when I was reading or online…. Passed away last night.

At least the weather had the decency to be cloudy and dark this morning. When Sooty died the sun shone, and it seemed an insult. How dare the sun shine, how dare the world continue to turn, in the absence of the centre of one’s world. Some dead poet wrote a eulogy along similar lines a couple of hundred years or so ago and if I could be bothered I’d search for it.

But not today.

Fortunately a friend had asked us to mind a kitten, who is doing a considerable amount of smooching and purring himself, which is some distraction if not consolation.

Naturally there is all sorts of cognition going on in attempt to avoid becoming too dispondent. Equally as naturally the reconsideration of summary recent events and “if onlys”. But, I lit a gold candle and burnt Myrrh incense to Freya, in thanks for his brief but wonderful life. We had a good year together. Admittedly I bond closely with animals and it’s a substantial blow, but it does feel more like Hagalaz than Isa… so that’s something.

I’m seriously going to miss that little character. He was a real prize.



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