Tonight I went to my first Heathen Moot in Melbourne. Though there were only four of us it was a great night! And isn’t that where all great moots start? The rest of the group are involved in a small Garth based in Melbourne.

We met in at the Victoria Hotel and sat around for about an hour chatting about stuff… It was interesting, someone dropped a quiet comment about “no racism” and made me laugh, everything was out in the open then and we were all quite happily non-discriminatory. None of us saw the point in trying to tell the Goddesses and Gods whom they should call or not.

After that it was dinner at a Korean restaurant and a bit of discussion about coming out of xianity or similar and into the openness of Pagan and Heathen spirituality. There was a bit of discussion about runes and about the possible direction of “alternative” spiritualities in Australia… with the observation that a lot of people exploring Paganism and Heathenism these days seem to be fairly young. What tools and ideas are we going to make available for them?

Obviously I’m a big fan of leaving things fairly open so that people can have access to enough reading or experience to satisfy their curiosity and find their own path. It worries me in some circles to see the emergence of a kind of literature that is emotionally provocative, in some cases it sounds like the hellfire and brimstone preaching of christendom. Not something children need to be exposed to in any religion IMHO…

Which leaves us lots more to go on with at the next one :D

Now I know two garths and am really pleased about it. Yay!


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