Music and poetry

While following links today I came across Ingeborg’s site and particularly the page on Norse or Germanic style poetry. Since poetry makes a good offering to the Aesir and Vanir it seemed appropriate to learn some of the cultural forms… and they weren’t what I expected.

Pursuing other links, in the music realm, Viking metal came across my path =D This is no doubt old news to other Heathens, but I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Remember the metal heads from Finland who won Eurovision a couple of years ago? It’s a bit like that but there’s orchestration and some folk song melodies involved, so there’s a corn factor, but it’s quite listenable. Examples include Turisas, Ensiferum, and Korpiklaani. Not all the lyrics are in Scandinavian languages so you get the benefit of listening to music with a Heathen bent. Great fun.

Following some rune reading yesterday, there hasn’t been any family knocking on my door (Edit: It happened later that night LOL) but there have been some interesting events relating to lifestyle. In Paganism, where I lingered for a while betwixt xianity and Heathenism, there was some cross over with the kink scene… You’d get Pagans who were also into S&M. Without going into too much detail, it’s an area of interest. The thing is though that Heathenism is such a life-affirming religion the kink scene seems incongruent with some of the energy, if you like, of the spirituality. The concept of, say, Goddess worship, doesn’t translate with quite the same potential as it would in an area like Dianic Wicca or eclectic Paganism. And if you really want to grovel you’re going to have to stick with christendom for forms.

A friend was considering some of the aspects of Female dominance and we were wondering about the psychology of such a thing. Obviously there’s some archetypal imagery going on there. Perhaps the balancing of the sacred Female with the last gasp of the patriarchy that tried so desperately to destroy Her image? This is more Marion Zimmer-Bradley and Diana L Paxson than Dan Brown btw… though despite his being ridiculed in many circles I for one appreciate that he raised the subject.

Diana L Paxson was comparing Freya to Cybele in an article… (though not with the same perspective I’m taking) and if that’s the case then perhaps there’s some room for a bit of fun. Particularly if you consider that in comparison with some of the former worship of Freyr. Anyways, it’s something to explore.


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