musical interests… metal edition

Well, it’s almost official. I’m over Marilyn LOL. Not entirely… but after picking up Rammstein again it’s all German now. That link is to their Herzeleid site, which although it is plastered with ads, how ironic, seems to be much more up to date than

This latest foray into the nether worlds has been developing for a little while now. While musical trends around here do tend to come and go, from Middle-Eastern tribal fusion one week to death metal the next… it seems to be lingering which it hasn’t in the past. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of assimilating the shadow self? Gods, I can’t help myself %-)

NIN didn’t last long… there are a couple of Trent’s songs I quite enjoy, but personally I prefer Marilyn’s voice. If not his sfik… ‘zanshin’? That said, the drummer who did “Perfect Drug” is an absolute bloody legend. The bass player on “pop my cherry” is no slouch either. It took some time to hunt down a reference to Chris Vrenna, (here’s his home site) Trent seems to go through drummers like I go through genres. Looking through the history of some of these guys, Chris has also played with Marilyn, I notice… it’s all a bit incestuous really. LOL

There was some noise that Rammstein had been banned from playing in Aus… Apparently there were bans on touring in the US because of something to do with homophobia… what a novelty. But all of this is old news to anyone who’s been into it for a while, kinda emphasises how out of it I’ve been LOL

Okay, just wanted to make the hat tip to a great drummer. Now back to listen to the techno cover of the sesame street rubber ducky song… Someone’s on some good drugs :D


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