Further ponderings, devils and saints.

Sitting here listening to Marilyn Manson as I type. Mostly “user friendly”. LOL It’s an abusive relationship. Listening to his stuff (And I thought I had trouble getting over my old man!) makes me feel, well, almost normal. I doubt he’d care much apart from it being insufficient attention ;-) Actually, he’s not that bad. For really sick, try Rob Zombie. (“Great American Nightmare” reminds me of a recent post on a certain mailing list…) I would probably be too scared to sit next to him on the couch ;-) The sound of Manson’s music is so sleazy, though. Gets you in. Great grooving music. And you could probably add a wink to that one too. Yeah, baby.

Still following links… Gorm the Wired (home of the famous Viking name converter) has a weird and wonderful site. He generated a name and a proverb for me… Jorunn the beserk. Hah! My mother will laugh. And: “Don’t wait up late for love or an honest man.” Hmmm. Well, I could have told you that. ;-)

If I haven’t done so already, I need to put in a big plug for Diana L Paxson’s site Hrafnar. The articles page is particularly interesting for me. The group is an Asatru fellowship with particularly good sources on magic and the goddesses. I’ve found it hugely helpful in pursuing connection with understanding the women of the pantheon. Not to mention the huge body of magical freedom. Thanks Kraka for the link.

Had a “moment” with Frigga last night. Very positive. There were a few thoughts exchanged but it basically boiled down to “trust us.” That is pretty much what I intend to do. *Yay!*

Some time ago I was discussing with Unspeakably Violent Jane about the effects of memories of trauma. After years of dealing with this stuff, either I got fed up with being patient with meditation and therapy or I was at the right point to move… And got stuck into some Craft to shift things in my favour. I am well pleased with the results!

Now to deal with the darkness. *sigh* If it ain’t one damned thing it’s another. ;-) I’m winking a lot today. Might be developing a twitch. I’ll thank Brian* for that. :D

The real hassle though, is not so much that I feel I’m screwed up. I constantly run into people who are far, far more mental than I am yet appear to be able to hold down a job and a life of sorts. I blink and wonder what on earth is going on. It’s probably not a novelty among ‘net denizens to feel like the odd bod on the fringes who can see things nobody else seems to want to. The real issue is that I’m consigned to life on the fringes in consumerist terms. The powers that be in the Global Kleptocracy would see me as a non-functioning unit. They can’t make much profit out of me. Yet there’s a lot here that’s useful. Guess it depends on your perspective and idea of “profit” and “value”. I must remember to not think in dollar terms. :D

Jane was right. It is a matter of screening your information. The trick is to apply some screening internally. And that is a trick when you’ve had one station going all your life.

Good thing there’s magic to re-tune the thing.

That brings me to runes. Someone made the point that they weren’t intended for divination so much as magic. Well, I guess I’ll find out! Heh. This is fun. Today %-)

*Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian. Whoda thunk it?


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