Sympathy for the devil

This might be largely motivated by my feeling angry at Odin at the moment. Heh. What a novelty. The idea of wrestling with the gods is not new, but for some reason I’m one of those people who steps up every damn time.

I’m feeling quite sympathetic for Loki. He has a bad reputation, some people seem to see him as the Norse equivalent of Satan, though that would seem to be a christianisation of his role. What I don’t get is that some of the really bad stuff he got up to was Odin’s idea anyway. The whole Baldur trip… Who’s idea? Hmm.

It’s probably not a novelty either to feel a bit sympathetic for him, chained in Hel having poison dripped on him. Maybe others who feel like they’ve been a bit worked over feel the same? Who knows.

So here’s a link to some poetry and other stuff in honour of Loki. Odin’s fall guy.

Loki’s date with the “virgin” Mary.




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