The lunatic world of commodities prices.

On the SBS news last night there was a story about another impending round of petrol price rises. The story was that a journalist in Israel had printed something about not liking Iran, so petrol speculators had a bit of a fit. Something to do with the US not being happy with the results in Iraq and eyeing off Iran… “Saw the lights on, thought we’d drop in while we’re over this way…”

In the papers the impending rises were being blamed on Asia and the US recession. Heh, fancy anyone outside of Anglo culture wanting their share of the world’s resources. Next thing we know the Africans will be wanting food. What’s the world coming to? Soon we might have to stop taking produce on boats on laps around the planet to get to other countries that produce the same food, in order to meet “free trade agreements”.

Well, last week the petrol price was supposedly down. Again because of Asia. However that was apparently not good news because any reduction in numbers could look like a “negative impact on the global economy” and that isn’t good because nobody who’s part of the huge consensual hallucination of kleptocrats who sustain the planet pillaging wants to be thinking about their own little collection of stock numbers reducing, even if it’s to reflect anything remotely like reality.

While the petrol prices “eased” in trading, there was no corresponding drop in petrol prices at the pumps. What a surprise. I can see you all holding your heads. What, no reality in petrol pricing? What is the world coming to! This week though some of you astute readers will have noticed that some of the face-hugging conglomerate thieves that pass for supermarkets in Australia are offering a deal 20 cents per litre off when you buy half a dozen bottles of grog. Hmmm. 10 cents per litre off if you spend more than $50 in the shop. Wow. You’ll need the grog to understand the system.

What this means is that although every dollar increase in crude prices is alleged to translate (or has been fabricated to reflect) a cent per litre increase in the price at the pump, the price is already 10 to 20 cents over priced and the big boys holding the cards are reaping windfall profits both ways. One because their stocks are worth more and they’re able to control more politics and social values while their commodities (bits of the planet they’ve dug up and are poisoning everyone with) that they’re holding the planet to ransom with are, well, effective and powerful. Two because they’re able to make more money and pay less tax. I dunno what they’re going to spend all this money on when there’s no air left to breathe. Tanked air, perhaps?

This is the same planet on which farmers in rich countries being paid massive subsidies and produce less food in order to keep prices high is spoken of as an economic necessity and part of the level playing field in this lunacy that is globalism.

But it’s not all bad news. There’s less cars on the road which means a reduction in car exhaust related illnesses and accidents. The flow on is that petrol isn’t so important to those drivers at least, and cars aren’t either. This is a good thing so far as reality is concerned. Real reality I mean, not the BS that advertisers and speculators would pretend to be involved in. Not the supposed reality that is a mere hangover of Victorian class-society and the industrial revolution inherited in a thought-free board room. This is reality for awake people.

And car parts manufacturers are beginning to rethink. Last week an auto parts retailer bought a bicycle manufacturer and this week another one is selling out.

Eventually at some point this whole elaborate soap opera that is Western civilisation (cough) will wake up face down in a swamp of its own effluent and wonder what the fsck happened. Eventually. If the people who concocted advertising as a tax deduction put their minds to something useful we’d be carrying portable solar chargers for every bloody thing by now. Houses would have rain water, grey water and 150% solar capacity. Coal and petrol would be a thing of the past. Which they will soon, but without taking half the planets bio capacity with it.

In the meantime, it was earth day last week and I patted myself on the back for leaving the car in the garage most of the week and pedalling around.

So while I might be feeling a little like a mental case presently, at the very least I feel much, much more sane than anyone involved in the global economy.


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