The future at YSL

One of the most famous quotes from Kingdom of Heaven is “All death is certain.” Unfortunately (or not depending upon how green you are) it happens to everyone. Yves Saint Laurent passed away last night at the age of 71. What a shame. Here was a man who did some constructive, beautiful things with his life. Oddly, I’ve been wearing his perfume Opium all last week which I haven’t worn in years…

Yves Saint Laurent brought in those power dressing shoulders in women’s suits in the 80’s and of course his (in)famous cerulean gowns.

While it might not seem terribly feminist to appreciate haute couture, not least because of the poverty entrenched around the globe, in contrast with such a small proportion of the population being able to drape their hides in glam gear, there is so much creativity in these designs. And we desperately need creativity if we’re to solve our crises. Without people who can buck the system and do something genuinely innovative, we’ll stay stuck in our current miasma of global consumerism until we poison ourselves off the planet.

Vale Yves.


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