Back to my roots

Whew. After all the Feminist (or Womanist if you prefer) blogging in recent weeks, it’s back to a consideration of me time. Trying to exist without too much reference to the patriarchy and its abuses can leave you pretty worn out. It’s so very difficult to do. To insulate one’s self from messages of diminishment or denigration takes a full time effort and often leaves you alone in the lounge room, lonely and unplugged. The filtering of patriarchal infused advertising and media is likewise tiring.

Hence, time to renew meditation practise and do a few decent little rituals of renewal and grounding. Yum.
Today I’ve been cruising teh ‘nets and catching up on the witchy blogs. The blogroll is updated with some curious little oddities encountered during said venture.

You might get a laugh out of Godchecker. That’s their Celtic page…


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