Changing the guard.

Well, will you look at that! Australia now has a female Governor-General. Whoopee!

On the one hand I could be all very cynical and gripe about it’s about bloody time and generally the only women promoted by the old-boys-club tend to be those conservatives who support the lords of lechery… However, this woman is being touted as one of Australia’s premier feminists and someone who has a good deal of experience as well as the desire to support necessary changes for gender equality. Hehe, it’s all over the news. My daughter has turned on the tellie out in the lounge and I can hear Bryce being discussed as I type.

Quentin Bryce was the sex-discrimination commissioner from 1988 to 1993 and has a comprehensive resume including plenty of law and politics. Michelle Grattan, the political editor at The Age has written a very encouraging piece about Bryce this morning.

The post of Governor-General is still pretty much a ceremonial one in Aus, so it’s not as if the change will suddenly flick a switch and dissolve all the cock-culture that’s accumulated in the land down under, but we’re all hoping that every little gain will begin to hammer home the message that women are human, goddamnit! Even in a symbolic office the picture is very clear. A woman has risen to the top in Australia. Not on her back. Not with her boobs hanging out. Not as a prop or decoration for the all important menz magazines. As a qualified, experienced, intelligent and capable human being.

Viva la revolution!!!

Other coverage from ABC Ilfracombe’s new claim to fame Wiki entry and the Queensland G-G’s bio page.


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