Anglicans play catch up.

Which is marginally better than the Catholics in this instance, who aren’t even in the race.

Last week it was announced that Kay Goldsworthy will be consecrated bishop in May. Despite the ongoing dispute by neanderthal throwbacks in the Sydney diocese who seem to equate women with some odd variety of ornamental cattle, Ms Goldsworthy will become Australia’s first woman bishop. For what it’s worth, the Baptists (who are a diverse bunch) have been ordaining women for years and don’t have women bishops because they don’t have bishops at all.

Kay Goldsworthy was ordained back in 1992 by Peter Carnley, who made a few waves back then.

What caught my attention in this news was the tellie article on the ABC, which included a statement by Archbishop Herft:

“The church has brought about diminishment to women in the world and in the church,” he said.
“So there needs to be a time where we say in this act we are also saying sorry to those many women for whom the church has been a place of isolation and exclusiveness.”


Not that this will scratch the surface of the damage done over the last 1700 years by crazed celibate monks and priests so deluded by their hatred of women that the entire gender was socially and culturally relegated to sex-caste throughout the world. The hatred and spite continues to this day. It has become entrenched in every layer of secular society where the leaders of business, law, medicine, religion and academia are mostly educated in religious schools that maintain the cultural subordination of women as a reality.

Even this most minute alteration to the overwhelming dominance on men and masculinity within the organisation has brought the expected disagreement from Sydney, who are notorious misogynists and retrograde puritanical control-freaks. How dare a mere woman attempt to exercise any leadership over men!

At the very least, the quote above is a public acknowledgement on behalf of a very small group of religious people in a corner of the land down under, that organised religion has been doing great damage to women.

That, at least, is appreciated. Now to get on with rearranging and correcting the rest of the construct, the other 99.9% of religion and male dominated phallocracy.


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