Facebook a threat to feminine honour.

It’s taking a little while for this to sink in. Some things that happen in the world are so unspeakable that even though there seems to be one every week, your mind simply doesn’t want to acknowledge them.

H/T to Pharyngula for this link, a woman was beaten and shot dead by her father for talking on Facebook.

(The Pharyngula commentariat have suggested an International Fuck-In Against Religious Bullshit as a response. :-))

Sure this is in Saudi Arabia, where women have less rights than cattle, yet the very thought is so mind bogglingly ghastly the consciousness rebels against acceptance. In a civilised world the man would be charged with murder, most likely to spend a very, very long time in prison/psychiatric care.

The link is to a UK rag, the story has yet to hit here in Aus. It will be interesting to see how it’s presented here considering the way the media presents the ‘nets as the greatest threat to humanity since the plague. The same outlets that plaster semi-naked women’s bodies all over billboards and magazine covers hysterically shriek “save the children, o god, save the children!” whenever electronic communication in households is so much as implied. What remains largely unstated, as in this case, is that what we’re saving the children from is other men.

Why should this be, when so much of the world’s population is supposedly religious and religion is supposedly what gives human beings morals? Shouldn’t all vestiges of paedophilia and abuse have been cured years ago? Apparently not. Supposedly such illegal, destructive and narcissistic behaviour is proof not of the inherent misogyny of religions having made its way into human culture, but that all humans, particulary the women, are faulty. And it’s the fault of women for being so sexy that menfolk simply can’t control their base, evil natures.

Makes you wonder why we didn’t reinvent a worldview where people were encouraged to develop self-esteem and self-control rather than blaming the sex-caste for their own suffering.

In bashing and murdering his daughter, this father is basically exercising his right over her life. No other man can have sex with her or even talk to her over an internet connection, because he has now killed her. To keep his honour in tact. What sort of honour is it, I wonder, that requires child sacrifice? Honour like Abraham or Abraham’s god? Hmmm.

But before this descends into singling out Islam, though the murder took place in Saudi Arabia, one of the US’ closest military allies and a malignant miasma of misogyny, consider that it isn’t only Islam that subjugates and slaughters womankind. Indeed, it was christendom that gave us the doctrine of female subordination in mainstream culture. The church fathers were every bit as unstable and psychopathic as the father in this instance, such woman hating freaks as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, who denigrated and defiled women, reducing us to mere walking uterii in the service of producing more males for their tantrum throwing deity to send into war or wipe out with plague for their inherent sinfulness… derived from women, of course.

While women in Pakistan are being sentenced to be gang raped for crimes against honour (!!) and women in Saudi Arabia are being killed for looking at a man, other women all over the world are being physically mutilated in the name of religion, women are being sexually, psychologically and financially abused the world over because men’s doctrines defines us as being the (un)worthy target of such abuses.

While church men might wring their hands and despair of the sinfulness of secular culture these days and be appalled at pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, rape and hatred of women, let’s not forget where the fuel and motivation for these ideas began. Religious men, bound by their religion into self-hatred and annihalation by the man made doctrines of sin and hell are not only unable to bear children to bring life into the world, but psychologically unable to beget life giving social contribution. Every creation seemingly positive is inevitably turned around for destruction. The earth, having been tainted with femaleness by the old reference to “mother nature” is also a target for hatred and mutilation. And where did these ideas originate? “Go forth and conquer”.

The original verse in Genesis has been observed to have been mistranslated. The word that is translated as “conquer” or “dominate” in other contexts is read as manage or even tend like a garden… but where it counts, male translators in male dominated cultures chose to create for themselves an excuse to pillage, rape and destroy to their little hearts’ content.

Much as there might be those within religious circles, such as my former Professors at Uni, who strive to correct such imbalances, and well they do otherwise millions of us who were brainwashed might never have any hope of discovering the alternative history of religious and political abuse that resulted in our current global oligarchy of bastardry, the destructive, self-hating, woman-hating nature of the construct is such that it will not change. The nature of the beast, the evil projected upon every perceived enemy of religion is at the very heart thereof and will not be exorcised.

It’s going to take many, many years of therapy for an awful lot of people before anything much changes in this regard. In the meantime, light a candle for the women of Saudi Arabie. And recognise the complicity of Western nations in maintaining the situation there by continuing arms and other trades with the foremost example of woman hating religious psychoses on the planet today.

If anyone knows what the young woman’s name was, I’d love to know. There ought to be a facebook group as legacy for her.

Commiserations and deep sympathy to her mother, sisters and friends.


One Response to “Facebook a threat to feminine honour.”

  1. Unspeakably Violent Jane Says:

    Great write-up Crowley.

    However, I’ve always felt that misogyny was/is as prevalent among liberal/secular males as it is among conservatives/religious ones.

    Consider shake up in Denmark in 2003 between feminists who were outraged and violence against women in the Muslim ghettos and liberal males who were protective of Islamic customs.

    It has been my observation that men are happy to abandon the concept of anything over them. Particularly a ghostly Omni-male.

    But those same men who claim to have come to their new enlightened position through profound thought are loath to relinquish any fantastic paradigms that would cost them the position of overpaid worker, subjugator, and owner.

    Even PZ, who I adore, was eager to hold institutions responsible for the acts of individuals, rather than the men themselves.

    “I don’t think it’s a web page causing the strife: I think it’s a hateful cockamamie belief system. ”


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