Back to my roots

Whew. After all the Feminist (or Womanist if you prefer) blogging in recent weeks, it’s back to a consideration of me time. Trying to exist without too much reference to the patriarchy and its abuses can leave you pretty worn out. It’s so very difficult to do. To insulate one’s self from messages of diminishment or denigration takes a full time effort and often leaves you alone in the lounge room, lonely and unplugged. The filtering of patriarchal infused advertising and media is likewise tiring.

Hence, time to renew meditation practise and do a few decent little rituals of renewal and grounding. Yum.
Today I’ve been cruising teh ‘nets and catching up on the witchy blogs. The blogroll is updated with some curious little oddities encountered during said venture.

You might get a laugh out of Godchecker. That’s their Celtic page…


Anglicans play catch up.

Which is marginally better than the Catholics in this instance, who aren’t even in the race.

Last week it was announced that Kay Goldsworthy will be consecrated bishop in May. Despite the ongoing dispute by neanderthal throwbacks in the Sydney diocese who seem to equate women with some odd variety of ornamental cattle, Ms Goldsworthy will become Australia’s first woman bishop. For what it’s worth, the Baptists (who are a diverse bunch) have been ordaining women for years and don’t have women bishops because they don’t have bishops at all.

Kay Goldsworthy was ordained back in 1992 by Peter Carnley, who made a few waves back then.

What caught my attention in this news was the tellie article on the ABC, which included a statement by Archbishop Herft:

“The church has brought about diminishment to women in the world and in the church,” he said.
“So there needs to be a time where we say in this act we are also saying sorry to those many women for whom the church has been a place of isolation and exclusiveness.”


Not that this will scratch the surface of the damage done over the last 1700 years by crazed celibate monks and priests so deluded by their hatred of women that the entire gender was socially and culturally relegated to sex-caste throughout the world. The hatred and spite continues to this day. It has become entrenched in every layer of secular society where the leaders of business, law, medicine, religion and academia are mostly educated in religious schools that maintain the cultural subordination of women as a reality.

Even this most minute alteration to the overwhelming dominance on men and masculinity within the organisation has brought the expected disagreement from Sydney, who are notorious misogynists and retrograde puritanical control-freaks. How dare a mere woman attempt to exercise any leadership over men!

At the very least, the quote above is a public acknowledgement on behalf of a very small group of religious people in a corner of the land down under, that organised religion has been doing great damage to women.

That, at least, is appreciated. Now to get on with rearranging and correcting the rest of the construct, the other 99.9% of religion and male dominated phallocracy.

Changing the guard.

Well, will you look at that! Australia now has a female Governor-General. Whoopee!

On the one hand I could be all very cynical and gripe about it’s about bloody time and generally the only women promoted by the old-boys-club tend to be those conservatives who support the lords of lechery… However, this woman is being touted as one of Australia’s premier feminists and someone who has a good deal of experience as well as the desire to support necessary changes for gender equality. Hehe, it’s all over the news. My daughter has turned on the tellie out in the lounge and I can hear Bryce being discussed as I type.

Quentin Bryce was the sex-discrimination commissioner from 1988 to 1993 and has a comprehensive resume including plenty of law and politics. Michelle Grattan, the political editor at The Age has written a very encouraging piece about Bryce this morning.

The post of Governor-General is still pretty much a ceremonial one in Aus, so it’s not as if the change will suddenly flick a switch and dissolve all the cock-culture that’s accumulated in the land down under, but we’re all hoping that every little gain will begin to hammer home the message that women are human, goddamnit! Even in a symbolic office the picture is very clear. A woman has risen to the top in Australia. Not on her back. Not with her boobs hanging out. Not as a prop or decoration for the all important menz magazines. As a qualified, experienced, intelligent and capable human being.

Viva la revolution!!!

Other coverage from ABC Ilfracombe’s new claim to fame Wiki entry and the Queensland G-G’s bio page.

The name of privilege.

Unspeakably Violent Jane enscribed a comment relating to men’s apparent right to brutalise the womenfolk, questioning the murder of a young woman by her father over a facebook relationship. Regardless of a man being of Democratic or progressive persuasion, why is the blame ascribed to a religious perspective rather than a social, even global problem? Why don’t men acknowledge that men are the problem?

Unfortunately the problem is male privilege, where men as a class are defined as being superior to women as a class. This is not only a Western phenomenon, this is a global problem as UVJane quite correctly points out. Marilyn French wrote books about this very phenomenon describing the way that men were socially defined as being superior beings to females. Pop-cultural stupidities such as “men are from mars, women are from venus” illustrate the point. Although women and men both originate from earth as descendants from a common ancestor with apes, (and the mammalian genotype was originally XX) Victorian class society would have it that male and female human beings are somehow separate entities and subject to a heirarchy artificially created and enforced by men for men.

The problem began with Greek philosophers like Galen, about 500 BCE, who thought that men were the normal outcome of a pregnancy and only if the wind was blowing the wrong way would a pregnancy result in an inferior female offspring. Early christian writers like Augustine endorsed such a perspective. Don’t even ask what notorious misogynists such as Thomas Aquinas wrote.

It wasn’t until the 17th century that microscopes and the details of sexual procreation were discovered. Even when we did become aware that semen wasn’t the be all and end all of human fertility somehow the dominant cultural influences of church and state declined to admit that they’d been wrong and further declined to admit the full and necessary female participation in human procreation. So far as they were concerned men were all that mattered and with the lingering (mis)influence of the fall of man and subordination of the female, there was not going to be any serious reconsideration of human sexuality.

Needless to say, if procreation and fertility weren’t going to be reconsidered then the equality of the human female wasn’t even going to be mentioned. As early as the third century CE women were subjugated and subordinated, and the systems of political and religious patriarchy that brought that about weren’t going to reconsider it lightly. In fact, to date they haven’t done so at all.

UVJ raises a point regarding academic men and their opinions, through which she touches on a much broader issue. The subjugation of the female of the species is not now limited to religious influences because of the scope of religious influences in the past. All the current and many of the future leaders of religion, business, politics, medicine, law and education are themselves educated in religious (private school) environments wherein they are subtly or overtly subjected to the sexist agendas of religion.

That’s about as simply as it can be stated. Although humans are well aware of the nature of sexual procreation, inheritance, DNA and the lack of any evidence suppoting male superiority, female subordination continues to be overtly and subliminally taught by means of social and cultural male superiority enforced by men over women by such means as rape and emotional and financial abuse, and the threat thereof by media stories of factual and fictitious abuse of women by men.

As Marilyn French described, in a society where men as a class are culturally held as being superior to women as a class, how can there be any equality? And after roughly 3 or 4 thousand years of male dominant society, where is there going to be anything other than male dominant social definition?

Feline civility

Because cats are so much better behaved than humans seem to be at the moment.
Six and Mephisto cuddling on my bed.
Six and baby Tigger

These are the two kittens that were dumped down the drain out the front of my house just after christmas. They’re both fat and happy now.
refugee kittens

Sex-crime reporting criminal.

It’s been a good day for those who get off on sado-masochistic sex and paedophilia. There are three stories in the papers in this regard.

Man on 225 sex related charges. Man jailed for luring teenager for sex. ‘Narcissist’ pedophile sent to jail.

We seem to have a veritable plague of stories about men who drug, manipulate or coerce women and children into sex. And they’re not even footballers. The sentences add insult to injury. 4 years for possessing child pornography and attempting to seduce a child for sex. A man convicted of kidnapping and raping a 5 and a 7 year old was sentenced to 15 years and 13 years consecutively. The excremental fiend who drugged and raped at least 13 women is yet to be sentenced.

This is horrific. Given the links between porn, religion, advertising and people’s attitudes to sex and others’ bodies, why are we not altering the images projected in our society? It’s not as if it should require a law to be passed. Surely anyone with a brain can recognise that it’s a bad thing for men to rape little children and therefore make some alterations in media and advertising to reduce the sexualisation of children. Are we really so screwed up as a community that multi-national conglomerates can continue to value profit over the welfare of human life? Oh, wait… forget I asked. That’s being really too idealistic, isn’t it. I mean, fancy expecting human adults to consider the welfare of children in any way, shape or form. That’s only a subject for media propaganda on the law & order platform during elections, isn’t it?

The very same media who bombard lounge dwelling viewers with hysterical over-reactions to say, cars breaking the 40k speed limit in school zones and children having access to the ‘nets quite happily screen advertisments of young teenage girls dancing provocatively in their underwear. Every night there are hundreds of ads for “girls gone wild” younger and younger women and girls revealing their bodies in video that can be downloaded onto a mobile phone…

For some reason there’s a complete failure to connect the images and attitudes people are exposed to overtly and subliminally with the continuing increase in abuse of women and children.

Consider these three articles as an example. The crimes and the way in which they are committed are reported in stomach churning detail. Even the paedophile’s threats to the little girl are reported shamelessly. The perpetrator is described as narcissistic and maladjusted, which is possibly as close as can be printed to “smegma snorkelling fucktard child rapist” without risking a law suit from said rapist.

Even where the men involved are specified as the agents of these crimes, even where the survivors reactions and their feelings are the main subject of the stories, the manner in which the crimes’ details are explained, at length, in detailed delight, reduces the women and children involved to mere actors in another Australian home grown porno. What a complete and utter disgrace.

Karen Hissane and Kate Hagan have made an effort in the first story to communicate to the reader the suffering of the women, perhaps to engage the sympathy of the readers for those who were drugged and raped by this no-hoper sick pile of dog-vomit man, yet the underlying implicit psychological threat remains in tact. Every woman who reads this is aware that any man can do this. To them. According to the article, possibly even without their knowledge. Any man reading this is aware that he could do this to any woman. The article even tells them what drug to use. The power imbalance in the patriarchy and the domination of the male over sex-caste females is reinforced yet again.

Perhaps this is why the judges’ condemnation of the perpetrators and their heinous activities rings so hollow? These men are singled out, tried and convicted for crimes that in a civilised society should be unthinkable, yet what’s really happening is the scapegoating of a few individuals for what is a society wide continual criminal abuse and enforcement of sex-caste brutality upon Australian women and children. These guys are really only the very few in the brown-shirt front line of the perpetuation of sex class society. They’re the ones who got caught.

Millions of other men are daily beating, raping and threatening women who are coerced into refraining from reporting the abuse or who are psychologically subjugated enough to internalise the violence and blame themselves for it.

These crimes are merely the tip of the iceberg of patriarchal abuse that weighs around the neck of every woman alive. The real crime is the continuing enforcement of the woman hating sado-state through every media outlet and social representation. Jesus tapdancing christ, it’s the 21st century, can we make any changes at all in the interests of the welfare of the planet and any humans on it?

Facebook a threat to feminine honour.

It’s taking a little while for this to sink in. Some things that happen in the world are so unspeakable that even though there seems to be one every week, your mind simply doesn’t want to acknowledge them.

H/T to Pharyngula for this link, a woman was beaten and shot dead by her father for talking on Facebook.

(The Pharyngula commentariat have suggested an International Fuck-In Against Religious Bullshit as a response. :-))

Sure this is in Saudi Arabia, where women have less rights than cattle, yet the very thought is so mind bogglingly ghastly the consciousness rebels against acceptance. In a civilised world the man would be charged with murder, most likely to spend a very, very long time in prison/psychiatric care.

The link is to a UK rag, the story has yet to hit here in Aus. It will be interesting to see how it’s presented here considering the way the media presents the ‘nets as the greatest threat to humanity since the plague. The same outlets that plaster semi-naked women’s bodies all over billboards and magazine covers hysterically shriek “save the children, o god, save the children!” whenever electronic communication in households is so much as implied. What remains largely unstated, as in this case, is that what we’re saving the children from is other men.

Why should this be, when so much of the world’s population is supposedly religious and religion is supposedly what gives human beings morals? Shouldn’t all vestiges of paedophilia and abuse have been cured years ago? Apparently not. Supposedly such illegal, destructive and narcissistic behaviour is proof not of the inherent misogyny of religions having made its way into human culture, but that all humans, particulary the women, are faulty. And it’s the fault of women for being so sexy that menfolk simply can’t control their base, evil natures.

Makes you wonder why we didn’t reinvent a worldview where people were encouraged to develop self-esteem and self-control rather than blaming the sex-caste for their own suffering.

In bashing and murdering his daughter, this father is basically exercising his right over her life. No other man can have sex with her or even talk to her over an internet connection, because he has now killed her. To keep his honour in tact. What sort of honour is it, I wonder, that requires child sacrifice? Honour like Abraham or Abraham’s god? Hmmm.

But before this descends into singling out Islam, though the murder took place in Saudi Arabia, one of the US’ closest military allies and a malignant miasma of misogyny, consider that it isn’t only Islam that subjugates and slaughters womankind. Indeed, it was christendom that gave us the doctrine of female subordination in mainstream culture. The church fathers were every bit as unstable and psychopathic as the father in this instance, such woman hating freaks as Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, who denigrated and defiled women, reducing us to mere walking uterii in the service of producing more males for their tantrum throwing deity to send into war or wipe out with plague for their inherent sinfulness… derived from women, of course.

While women in Pakistan are being sentenced to be gang raped for crimes against honour (!!) and women in Saudi Arabia are being killed for looking at a man, other women all over the world are being physically mutilated in the name of religion, women are being sexually, psychologically and financially abused the world over because men’s doctrines defines us as being the (un)worthy target of such abuses.

While church men might wring their hands and despair of the sinfulness of secular culture these days and be appalled at pornography, prostitution, paedophilia, rape and hatred of women, let’s not forget where the fuel and motivation for these ideas began. Religious men, bound by their religion into self-hatred and annihalation by the man made doctrines of sin and hell are not only unable to bear children to bring life into the world, but psychologically unable to beget life giving social contribution. Every creation seemingly positive is inevitably turned around for destruction. The earth, having been tainted with femaleness by the old reference to “mother nature” is also a target for hatred and mutilation. And where did these ideas originate? “Go forth and conquer”.

The original verse in Genesis has been observed to have been mistranslated. The word that is translated as “conquer” or “dominate” in other contexts is read as manage or even tend like a garden… but where it counts, male translators in male dominated cultures chose to create for themselves an excuse to pillage, rape and destroy to their little hearts’ content.

Much as there might be those within religious circles, such as my former Professors at Uni, who strive to correct such imbalances, and well they do otherwise millions of us who were brainwashed might never have any hope of discovering the alternative history of religious and political abuse that resulted in our current global oligarchy of bastardry, the destructive, self-hating, woman-hating nature of the construct is such that it will not change. The nature of the beast, the evil projected upon every perceived enemy of religion is at the very heart thereof and will not be exorcised.

It’s going to take many, many years of therapy for an awful lot of people before anything much changes in this regard. In the meantime, light a candle for the women of Saudi Arabie. And recognise the complicity of Western nations in maintaining the situation there by continuing arms and other trades with the foremost example of woman hating religious psychoses on the planet today.

If anyone knows what the young woman’s name was, I’d love to know. There ought to be a facebook group as legacy for her.

Commiserations and deep sympathy to her mother, sisters and friends.