Still a man’s world.

In the news today, police are looking for a man who assaulted a woman in West Melbourne. The article was entitled Woman indecently assaulted in West Melbourne. Not only does this fail to specify that a man was the agent responsible for this crime, but when the journo does get around to mentioning the bloke involved, it is in graphic terms describing the violation of this woman’s person. Not so much a horrified response to the harm done to this woman as a blow by blow set of instructions for some creep who wants to jerk off over it.

Yet another perfect example of women serving as fodder for the great cock culture and its treatment of women as sex objects and nothing more. How many other rapes and assaults were committed by men against women over the weekend? How many went unreported, I wonder?

Consider also the guy who drowned his three young sons to punish his wife. He’s now appealing his conviction, he doesn’t seem to think he ought to be punished. He’s a man.

This is simply an echo of the Government’s, and Australian society as a whole, punishment of single mothers, both financially and socially. In being condemned to living in abject poverty and forced to take low income jobs often at the expense of children who may be interred in sub-standard day care facilities, these women are specifically targetted because they are no longer property of some male. Such circumstances make the so called baby bonus payment that is intended to convince women to have more children simply more sinister. Not to mention stupid. Has no one noticed that there are already 6 billion people on the planet and there’s not enough food and water?

While economists are concerned about possible recession and the stock market, those of us who live in reality are wondering why there’s still such a focus on the thin veneer of affluence in Australia that overlies the deep inequalities. This is an issue that is often the subject of posts here, and in many other places, yet the failure to connect the disparity and disillusionment in Australia as in many other “Western” nations continues unabated and largely unquestioned. Eventually the media and politicians will have to take their heads out of their rectums and have a look around at the world they’ve manufactured. The constant bombardment of images, lies, propaganda and manipulation coercing people into submission to a lifestyle that is killing us and the planet. And as has been the case for a few thousand years now, women continue to cop the worst of it.

On this occasion Australia has some competition in misogyny from the head of the Formula one racing organisation FIA. Who’d have thought a big old petrol head would be into sado-masochistic re-enactments of Nazi concentration camps with a room full of prostitutes? Again, there isn’t a whole lot of condemnation in the stories. There certainly isn’t any mention of the situation for the women involved. If anything there’s a bit of boys will be boys nudging and winking going on and apart from the very brief mention of Jewish groups being outraged, the overall impression is a bit of jealousy. Again, the description of events reads more like a script for a fucking porno.

Gleeful journo’s and their media masters giggle and snigger over their sweaty little typewriters pecking out yet another dismal example of women as sex-caste objects, more a toilet than an actual human being, depicted as such by a man with a toilet for a brain or the tame female toady who’s had to sell out her sisters in order to keep a job. Good on you. Dickhead.


3 Responses to “Still a man’s world.”

  1. Unspeakably Violent Jane Says:

    This is wonderful Crowlie. I love your focus on the perp absolving use of language. Also, nice garden!

  2. DAVID Says:

    Like all men i think about sex, but i wish i had been born a woman and then i wouldnt have cravings for it. Despite my cravings i think i am a sensative person who cares about the suffering of other people. I wish i had more female hormones but i think i am basically a good person as i am. Does my obsession with sex make me a bad person, i would like to know?

  3. crowlie Says:

    What on earth makes you think women don’t ‘crave sex’?? Is this an extension of the ridiculous Victorian attitude that good women were sexless? A confusion of the Catholic idea that women are lesser life forms than men?

    Thinking about or desiring sex isn’t a problem, it’s the use and abuse of other people’s bodies against their will or within a construct that defines them as lesser entities serving only to provide sex for the dominant male caste.

    UVJ: Thanks. I’ll send you some virtual tomatoes :-)

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