Another day another…. day?

There’s a post office around the corner from here and the managers are christians. There’s often cutesy little signs of some sort or another in the windows for various cult activities. One that caught my eye today was for the so called world youth day 2008.

The slogan on the poster says “The Pope and young people coming together.”


I really don’t think it’s only me. What with all the bad press certain priests have earnt in recent years, not to mention the inquisition, witch burning, holy wars, anti-Semitism and general misogyny and destruction in bucket loads. This did seem rather an odd, not to mention creepy, kind of thing to advertise.

How many people will be sending their offspring along to touch the Grand Inquisitor, I wonder? Well, any’s too many I guess.

The timing was perfect for tonight’s South Park episode!!!!! The writers were taking the piss out of easter and they were in fine form. From Stan questioning the logic of “a guy dies on a cross so we colour eggs and a rabbit hides them.” To Kyle killing Jesus so he can ressurect and stop the Pope from killing all the members of the Hare club for men, guardians of the ancient secret of the true Pope.

The whole sordid story was revealed to the boys by a character bearing some resemblance to a Dan Brown character, explaining that Leonardo da Vinci was a closet hare club member and painted rabbits ears on St Peter in the Last Supper. Turns out St Peter, allegedly the first Pope (despite the fact that Popes didn’t exist for hundreds of years after the fact) was a rabbit… Peter Rabbit? And the last supper was composed of eggs.

Apparently men are too easily led astray, but rabbits are pure. Makes more sense to put a rabbit in charge of organised religion. The guardians have been preserving the link between eggs, rabbits and easter ever since.

One hysterically funny point was the focus on the pope’s hat. It only makes sense if it were constructed to be worn by a rabbit… Which reminded me of the Ghost of Violet Socks over at Reclusive Leftist, a post got away in the comments into a discussion about men in some tribal societies (and suburbs) attempting to maintain an element of mystique or power through preservation of secrets and wearing of strange hats. (Damn I can’t find it now, but it was still a funny image.)

Benedict XVI, the Arch Inquisitor, was replaced by Bill Donohue from the US Catholic league when he was too soft to kill Jesus to preserve the church’s power base.

Jesus took him out with a five pointed throwing star… caught on the rebound… and paused for effect to slip on a pair of blades. Too cool! I nearly wet myself laughing!!

Was very funny to watch. Made a fantastic alternative to all the otherwise sanctimonious drivel which is equally as tenuously based.

As a Goddess worshiper myself I love that the rabbit and eggs are a last remaining leftover from early Pagan festivals that celebrated the Spring Equinox and the coming of Summer, planting, harvest, warmth and hopefully heaps of food, back when humans were much more tied to the earth and the cycle of the seasons. Although the christians appropriated the festival and turned it into a celebration of deicide and annihalation (doctrines of original sin and atonement shredding the last vestiges of self-esteem available to citizens of a murderous empire) there’s some connection in the human psyche that has seen the original symbols outlast the theft and misappropriation.


Happy easter. ;-)


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