The end of Summer in the garden.

Summer’s tomatoes.
What a gorgeous night. The rain came down heavily, lit by flashes of lightning. The smell in the air was exquisite.

Down in this area of Australia we’ve been in drought for quite some time, so most of the veggies are growing on grey water from the washing and shower. It doesn’t seem to do them any harm. There’s only two days a week we’re legally allowed to water the garden. Seems a bit draconic, considering that new houses are being built as quickly as possible without any requirement for grey water or rain water tanks.

But you don’t want to go questioning the validity of the water restrictions. That would be too pointed.

Suffice it to say that this little patch is providing quite well. And the reduction in meat and dairy, as well as bought green grocerys means our household water usage is reduced much more than if we’d refrained from watering our own veggies.

Being a mediterranean kind of climate, the stuff that grows here well is pretty much mediterranean. This means that now Summer’s over there’s plenty of home grown dried tomatoes to bake in with fetta cheese and spinach and stuff.

There is, however, a complaint. My expanding waistline! Never mind. I’m on my own anyway. May as well enjoy it!


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