The Prof was right.

Guaranteeing salvation since 1620… Ah-huh.

After following a link from Pharyngula about the lunatic fundies doing a hatchet job on Mrs. Myers, I read stuff like:

Vote McCain or God will make you eat your children for betraying America, Christianity and Freedom.

A free people have the freedom not to question their leaders.

Stay the course in Iraq for RAPTURE!

The fine print down the bottom reads: “I am positively NOT Angry and I am NOT gay!” At which point I assumed it must be a hoax site. Thanks to chiropteran for confirming this!

Which makes it *so* good for a laugh, though perhaps a slightly bittersweet laugh when you’ve personally been part of a cult that taught things all too similar to the parody on the Landover site. If you think the stuff they’re laughing at is fabricated, have a squizz at the Focus on the Family’s Australian beach-head.

Imagine that. Only 9% of christians have a Biblical worldview. What a stunner. Who’d have thought that after 6 million years of evolution we’d have to remain stuck in the nomadic desert culture of ancient Palestine and pretend the earth was only 4,000 years old? Not to mention the treatment of women and children in such a society. How exactly do we justify factory manufacturing and the internal combustion engine if we have a Biblical worldview? What of quantum physics? Hell, I’m a witch and use astrology, but even I recognise that it’s mainly psychology. But psychology isn’t part of a Biblical worldview either. That’s what stops them going to see a shrink and dealing with their delusions.

If you think self-serving, myopic, misogynist politicians aren’t using Fundamentalist lunacy over here in order to get re-elected, have a look whose face is on this page. Not to mention Federal funding of child abusing religious schools.

Edit: Richard Dawkins review of the whole mess, P Z Myers being kicked out of the screening of Expelled that is, is online now.


One Response to “The Prof was right.”

  1. chiroptera Says:

    Landover Baptist is a parody website.

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