A crack in the ice.

In Sydney today five people have been charged for bringing women to Australia and keeping them captive in a brothel.

The paper uses the disgusting term “sex-slave” to describe what these women went through, after they’d been “imported”. As if they were bathroom fittings.

Federal Police officers raided six inner-Sydney properties yesterday, arresting three women and two men allegedly linked to a sex trafficking syndicate worth more than $3 million a year.

And that’s supposedly why it happens. People can make money out of the misery of others. Then the reporters come along and drool all over it. No doubt when some misogynist enforcement agency such as Channel Ten get hold of it the story will degenerate into something like a script for a cheap and nasty porno flick. Business at sleazy inner city massage parlours will boom with all this free advertising.

As it is, this situation raises all sorts of issues about the satus of women in Australia. Why do men pay for sex? Why are women forced into circumstances where it is their best financial option to sell their bodies? Why do we still live according to Victorian era hypocrisy that forces women into servitude either as wives, wage slaves or virtual toilets for some greasy lecher to grope and masturbate into?

Of course religious people condemn the women involved, since patriarchal religion teaches that it’s the woman’s fault for being the very doorway through which hell enters the world, (rather than the puritan minister’s imagination) and fail to see that their world view perpetuates the aubse of women. It would have us remain as secondary creatures useful only for sex or domestic servitude, to be owned and controlled by men. Religious denigration of women is the horse shit that fertilises the ground from which pornography and sexual abuse of women grows.

If you see a female human as fully human and a peer being with equal value as a human, then you need to begin to respect her views and her person. Religion, and business, are very good at saying they do this while doing the opposite.

Seriously people, it’s the 21st fucking century. Can we begin to live less like retarded, angry animals any time soon?

A similar issue came from recent reading for an astrology course I’m doing. In a book about the North nodes and life directions, the author was describing a person with a Taurean North node as having probably been a prostitute or similar in past lives, dependent upon others for their welfare to the point of dissolving all their own personal value and self-worth. The author then went on to say that the Taurean Norths had often experienced abuse in their childhood and that this was a result of karma, for things they’d done in past lives!

How absolutely astounding. How disgusting. How fucking typical. Maybe the woman who wrote it was raised as a Republican in New England or some such? Who knows, but what a stupid, ignorant thing to suggest, that children are responsible in some way for being abused!

While the idea of reincarnation might come from Eastern countries, there’s nothing to say that it’s necessarily superior to Western ideas, particularly when it’s expressed in a manner like that.

That is, however, something both Eastern and Western religions have in common. A way of excusing abusers and blaming victims, typically children and women, for experiences of rape, emotional or sexual abuse. This seems to be another expression of male privilege in patriarchal cultures, that a man who can’t control himself is given a loophole to excuse himself for being such a perverted beast, and the child or woman whom he has commited these crimes against is left feeling like they were somehow responsible. Where the Catholics or Pentecostals might use the idea of sin, the fallen nature or the devil as a way of excusing a man who has raped a woman or child by implying that he was tempted, as if that makes it all alright, some Hindu and Buddhist beliefs can be similarly warped to serve the same purposes.

While few religious teachers these days would come out openly and say clearly that abused children deserved it, the subtle and treacherous mix of cultural understandings, social values including male privilege and the religious lie that women exist for the service and sexual service of men perpetuates the suffering and misery of millions of people world wide.

It is particularly horrific to see such ideas being promoted in a “new age” field such as astrology and in a book that may be used by students to inform other people of their star charts and perhaps life scripts and directions. This is like something out of the dark ages. It has been obvious for some time that the US is hell bent on creating a class society at the expense of the majority of people, in their so called capitalist society, but to teach that people’s past lives create a situation in which they deserve to be abused is ignorant in the extreme. This is the new age equivalent of creationism.

Apparently right wing religious nut cases aren’t the only ones who employ their spiritual beliefs to support vicious and destructive prespectives.

One can only hope that readers of such information will have the clarity to read with a grain or two of salt.


2 Responses to “A crack in the ice.”

  1. rebecca(the great) Says:

    It is sad to see what a warped view of Christ. As a Christian and a woman, let me be one to tell you that Christ died for your sins, and that if you believe in Him, you will receive eternal life.

    Galations 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

    Christians aren’t perfect, but Christ is. He offers a perfect love.

  2. crowlie Says:

    Oh god, protect me from thy followers…. ROTFLMFAO

    Why would I want to live eternally with a bunch of people who believe in a non-existent patriarchal entity that justifies all manner of misogynist abuse? If I go to hell at least there won’t be any Republicans there (who would admit it) and I’ll be able to get a decent drink.

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