Planet in danger.

On SBS last night was a docco about the effects of oestrogen mimicking compounds in industrial chemicals. Apparently men are becoming less fertile and even *gasp* Feminised! Oh the horror! Oh the woe! Oh the fucking poetic justice for those who have poisoned the world with their over consumption and denigration of women. (Oh the suffering for undeserving individuals as yet unborn) Now they’re all turning into women. What a horrific misfortune for a man to suffer. The mere thought must be hell on earth. Who could have imagined a worse torture!!

Of course there’s plenty of other side effects. In our Grandmothers’ day the rate of breast cancer was 1 in 20, now it’s 1 in 8. There’s all sorts of allergies, auto-immune diseases and any number of hideous childhood cancers. Chemical cocktails that trigger such horrific diseases can be found in cosmetics and skin care products as well as paints and domestic cleaning agents. Markers and props of femininity are serving as carriers for substances that will slowly poison women forced to accept the sex-caste stereotype. Insulting and destructive. That’s the Patriarchy for you.

The foundations for research into these less rare by the day conditions are sometimes sponsored by multinational corporate conglomerates and even petrochemical companies. Apparently without intended irony. However the focus of the docco was of course on the lack of fertility in males. The program was entitled ‘men in danger’. Enough to give any hysterical men’s rights activist (or Fundamentalist) a hard on that will last a week.

No one seriously expects that humans can continue to poison the planet with the wastes of consumerism and get away with it, do they? Isn’t that too stereotypically 18th century industrialism with its hand on its inch worm manhood, moaning “growth, growth” as the planet turns into one giant toxic waste dump… But what about the men! Oh god, what about the men! First they can’t kill their own children, now the by-products of the Patriarchy come home to roost. Species are becoming extinct on a daily basis due to destruction of the environment and no-one but lefties and Greens give a hoot, but if male humans are no longer dyed in the wool virile bloody rapists, what will become of us?

Surprise, surprise.

Humans aren’t the be all and end all of evolution. Male humans are definitely not the end product and purpose of the existence of the kosmos. As smart and important as the doctrine of manifest destiny told us men are supposed to be, they are in reality so stupid they’re poisoning us all out of existence. Unfortunately killing off many other species as well. Spare the suggestion that women cause any of this by compulsively buying and wearing makeup, lotions, slinky little polyester dresses or plastic sandals because of some built in desire to conform to a male defined image of acceptability. If it takes that many props to be feminine, it isn’t natural. If it takes constant subliminal and actual threats of rape, abuse, financial and emotional torment to imprison women in the submissive roles constructed within phallocracy, then it is not a natural state of affairs.

Lunatic christians who believe that the world is destined for destruction on account of some frustrated old monk in a cave a thousand or so years ago said all humans were bad, especially if they were women, because he couldn’t get laid, quite happily ride this one way trip to hell since their religion says it’s the whole purpose of the earth. If they have to live in severe emotional pain and suffering then damnit everything else on the planet does too. Especially the women. The possibility of getting psychological help and sorting out this mess doesn’t enter into the equation. That would be ungodly.

The lingering suspicion is that life will find a way. In thousands of years’ time, the descendants of some of the very few monkeys or apes that are left alive when humans finally do manage to destroy themselves utterly will dig up the bones and wonder, as we wonder about the dinosaurs, what the fuck happened?


Still a man’s world.

In the news today, police are looking for a man who assaulted a woman in West Melbourne. The article was entitled Woman indecently assaulted in West Melbourne. Not only does this fail to specify that a man was the agent responsible for this crime, but when the journo does get around to mentioning the bloke involved, it is in graphic terms describing the violation of this woman’s person. Not so much a horrified response to the harm done to this woman as a blow by blow set of instructions for some creep who wants to jerk off over it.

Yet another perfect example of women serving as fodder for the great cock culture and its treatment of women as sex objects and nothing more. How many other rapes and assaults were committed by men against women over the weekend? How many went unreported, I wonder?

Consider also the guy who drowned his three young sons to punish his wife. He’s now appealing his conviction, he doesn’t seem to think he ought to be punished. He’s a man.

This is simply an echo of the Government’s, and Australian society as a whole, punishment of single mothers, both financially and socially. In being condemned to living in abject poverty and forced to take low income jobs often at the expense of children who may be interred in sub-standard day care facilities, these women are specifically targetted because they are no longer property of some male. Such circumstances make the so called baby bonus payment that is intended to convince women to have more children simply more sinister. Not to mention stupid. Has no one noticed that there are already 6 billion people on the planet and there’s not enough food and water?

While economists are concerned about possible recession and the stock market, those of us who live in reality are wondering why there’s still such a focus on the thin veneer of affluence in Australia that overlies the deep inequalities. This is an issue that is often the subject of posts here, and in many other places, yet the failure to connect the disparity and disillusionment in Australia as in many other “Western” nations continues unabated and largely unquestioned. Eventually the media and politicians will have to take their heads out of their rectums and have a look around at the world they’ve manufactured. The constant bombardment of images, lies, propaganda and manipulation coercing people into submission to a lifestyle that is killing us and the planet. And as has been the case for a few thousand years now, women continue to cop the worst of it.

On this occasion Australia has some competition in misogyny from the head of the Formula one racing organisation FIA. Who’d have thought a big old petrol head would be into sado-masochistic re-enactments of Nazi concentration camps with a room full of prostitutes? Again, there isn’t a whole lot of condemnation in the stories. There certainly isn’t any mention of the situation for the women involved. If anything there’s a bit of boys will be boys nudging and winking going on and apart from the very brief mention of Jewish groups being outraged, the overall impression is a bit of jealousy. Again, the description of events reads more like a script for a fucking porno.

Gleeful journo’s and their media masters giggle and snigger over their sweaty little typewriters pecking out yet another dismal example of women as sex-caste objects, more a toilet than an actual human being, depicted as such by a man with a toilet for a brain or the tame female toady who’s had to sell out her sisters in order to keep a job. Good on you. Dickhead.

Well, that explains it…

Over Summer the ever lengthening reading list included Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Amit Goswami, Irshad Manji and Tariq Ali. The subsequent cross-breeding and strange procreation of ideas has been steadily gelling somewhere in the back of my tiny mind.

Dawkins made a point about certain behaviours or the presence of religious beliefs being a side effect of 6 million years of evolution.

It’s been dawning for a little while, that most of human behaviour that seems so stupid, confusing, self-defeating and downright lunatic is probably the by product of us being 99% similar to chimpanzees but having brought about the industrial revolution. We’re still bashing each other, pretending to be more important, dreaming up all sorts of reasons why Victorian class society should persist in cahoots with global thievery, blustering, posing, threatening, murdering and generally behaving like animals… because we are.

In the midst of ongoing battles with long term depression that can even include suicidal ideation, dealing with life in the knuckle dragging cock culture that is (only just) post-convict Australia, and wondering why the fuck anyone would want to live in the midst of a society that considers global abuses of women, children and the environment to be an acceptable or in any way appropriate way of life, this idea comes the closest to making sense of it all.

Sure we all have our own journies through life. Sure we need meaning, that’s a by product of developing a temporal lobe. Sure we need some connection to a community of other humans even if it’s only to climb over the piles of bleeding, mutilated bodies on our way to banking another billion in arms sales… But we’re animals. Only about 1% point different genetically from chimpanzees (no offence (to the chimps))

As much as the continuing abuses and lies of the Patriarchy get my fur in a bunch, realising that they’re all only apes explains it all, really. In fact it seems pretentious to want to change much, when considered from that perspective.

Embarrassingly enough, this all resonates with a comment made to me by a Krsna devotee a few years ago, that in order to avoid burning out over the stupidity and self-destruction of the human race, you need to focus on the things within your reach.

Now that I can cope with.

Doesn’t make me any happier about life in the kleptocracy, but it does explain a few things.

My Very Own Darkly Gothic Poem

Losing Faith

Slender beams of moonlight enter
this darkened prison as I kneel,
always silent, always driven,
frozen here,

Robed forms wrought in panes of glass loom as
dust dances in the air,
forming an image in my mind,
reaving my shamed soul.

Blood on an angel’s face.

I raise my head, now defying
this uncaring Heaven.

Another day another…. day?

There’s a post office around the corner from here and the managers are christians. There’s often cutesy little signs of some sort or another in the windows for various cult activities. One that caught my eye today was for the so called world youth day 2008.

The slogan on the poster says “The Pope and young people coming together.”


I really don’t think it’s only me. What with all the bad press certain priests have earnt in recent years, not to mention the inquisition, witch burning, holy wars, anti-Semitism and general misogyny and destruction in bucket loads. This did seem rather an odd, not to mention creepy, kind of thing to advertise.

How many people will be sending their offspring along to touch the Grand Inquisitor, I wonder? Well, any’s too many I guess.

The timing was perfect for tonight’s South Park episode!!!!! The writers were taking the piss out of easter and they were in fine form. From Stan questioning the logic of “a guy dies on a cross so we colour eggs and a rabbit hides them.” To Kyle killing Jesus so he can ressurect and stop the Pope from killing all the members of the Hare club for men, guardians of the ancient secret of the true Pope.

The whole sordid story was revealed to the boys by a character bearing some resemblance to a Dan Brown character, explaining that Leonardo da Vinci was a closet hare club member and painted rabbits ears on St Peter in the Last Supper. Turns out St Peter, allegedly the first Pope (despite the fact that Popes didn’t exist for hundreds of years after the fact) was a rabbit… Peter Rabbit? And the last supper was composed of eggs.

Apparently men are too easily led astray, but rabbits are pure. Makes more sense to put a rabbit in charge of organised religion. The guardians have been preserving the link between eggs, rabbits and easter ever since.

One hysterically funny point was the focus on the pope’s hat. It only makes sense if it were constructed to be worn by a rabbit… Which reminded me of the Ghost of Violet Socks over at Reclusive Leftist, a post got away in the comments into a discussion about men in some tribal societies (and suburbs) attempting to maintain an element of mystique or power through preservation of secrets and wearing of strange hats. (Damn I can’t find it now, but it was still a funny image.)

Benedict XVI, the Arch Inquisitor, was replaced by Bill Donohue from the US Catholic league when he was too soft to kill Jesus to preserve the church’s power base.

Jesus took him out with a five pointed throwing star… caught on the rebound… and paused for effect to slip on a pair of blades. Too cool! I nearly wet myself laughing!!

Was very funny to watch. Made a fantastic alternative to all the otherwise sanctimonious drivel which is equally as tenuously based.

As a Goddess worshiper myself I love that the rabbit and eggs are a last remaining leftover from early Pagan festivals that celebrated the Spring Equinox and the coming of Summer, planting, harvest, warmth and hopefully heaps of food, back when humans were much more tied to the earth and the cycle of the seasons. Although the christians appropriated the festival and turned it into a celebration of deicide and annihalation (doctrines of original sin and atonement shredding the last vestiges of self-esteem available to citizens of a murderous empire) there’s some connection in the human psyche that has seen the original symbols outlast the theft and misappropriation.


Happy easter. ;-)

The end of Summer in the garden.

Summer’s tomatoes.
What a gorgeous night. The rain came down heavily, lit by flashes of lightning. The smell in the air was exquisite.

Down in this area of Australia we’ve been in drought for quite some time, so most of the veggies are growing on grey water from the washing and shower. It doesn’t seem to do them any harm. There’s only two days a week we’re legally allowed to water the garden. Seems a bit draconic, considering that new houses are being built as quickly as possible without any requirement for grey water or rain water tanks.

But you don’t want to go questioning the validity of the water restrictions. That would be too pointed.

Suffice it to say that this little patch is providing quite well. And the reduction in meat and dairy, as well as bought green grocerys means our household water usage is reduced much more than if we’d refrained from watering our own veggies.

Being a mediterranean kind of climate, the stuff that grows here well is pretty much mediterranean. This means that now Summer’s over there’s plenty of home grown dried tomatoes to bake in with fetta cheese and spinach and stuff.

There is, however, a complaint. My expanding waistline! Never mind. I’m on my own anyway. May as well enjoy it!

The Prof was right.

Guaranteeing salvation since 1620… Ah-huh.

After following a link from Pharyngula about the lunatic fundies doing a hatchet job on Mrs. Myers, I read stuff like:

Vote McCain or God will make you eat your children for betraying America, Christianity and Freedom.

A free people have the freedom not to question their leaders.

Stay the course in Iraq for RAPTURE!

The fine print down the bottom reads: “I am positively NOT Angry and I am NOT gay!” At which point I assumed it must be a hoax site. Thanks to chiropteran for confirming this!

Which makes it *so* good for a laugh, though perhaps a slightly bittersweet laugh when you’ve personally been part of a cult that taught things all too similar to the parody on the Landover site. If you think the stuff they’re laughing at is fabricated, have a squizz at the Focus on the Family’s Australian beach-head.

Imagine that. Only 9% of christians have a Biblical worldview. What a stunner. Who’d have thought that after 6 million years of evolution we’d have to remain stuck in the nomadic desert culture of ancient Palestine and pretend the earth was only 4,000 years old? Not to mention the treatment of women and children in such a society. How exactly do we justify factory manufacturing and the internal combustion engine if we have a Biblical worldview? What of quantum physics? Hell, I’m a witch and use astrology, but even I recognise that it’s mainly psychology. But psychology isn’t part of a Biblical worldview either. That’s what stops them going to see a shrink and dealing with their delusions.

If you think self-serving, myopic, misogynist politicians aren’t using Fundamentalist lunacy over here in order to get re-elected, have a look whose face is on this page. Not to mention Federal funding of child abusing religious schools.

Edit: Richard Dawkins review of the whole mess, P Z Myers being kicked out of the screening of Expelled that is, is online now.