Question time.

In parliament yesterday our new Prime Minister was making noises about reducing the unemployment rate. This is probably a good thing, though it would be better if they went back to counting everyone who’s unemployed rather than only those registered as looking for work. The count changed under the Howard Government so that the current figures don’t really compare to historical ones.

There’s one problem. We have an economy set up so that substantial numbers of people must be unemployed for there to be much confidence in the stock market, to keep the economy looking good. It is so well known that in recent news regarding the “credit crunch” financial comentators were saying overtly that for Australia to come through well, the unemployment rate needs to go up.

So how are we to have people employed and maintain a good economy?

And why is it that if so many people need to be out of work for others to enjoy low interest rates, those who are unemployed or on pensions are so viciously vilified in the media? Why kick the struggling scapegoats? Or is it simply another hangover of John Howard’s politics of resentment?

Either way, nothing’s really changed yet for those of us who aren’t in the top 10% sitting back watching the investments pile up. Anyone who was waiting on Kevin Rudd to help with the rent crisis or rapidly rising food prices can apparently keep on waiting.

Meet the new boss…


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