How does your garden grow?

Bee on a carrot flower

This is the flower of a carrot… The end was sprouting after the carrot went into dinner, so for its efforts it went into the garden in the hope of providing lots of little carrot seeds. The bees think it’s fantastic.

So many things around here are growing with similar enthusiasm. They love the grey water from the washing, and all the manure and so on. Everything’s coming up green. Some of the tomatoes are so large they need little hammocks to hang in while they ripen.


The onion was sprouting in the cupboard, so into the ground it went and the seeds are almost ready for planting.


The lettuce did particularly well this season. They were very tasty to eat too.

This afternoon I’ve finished digging the second large veggie patch behind the garage, and it’s looking good. Broccoli and cauliflower seedlings are already growing well with onions, carrots and beans soon to be planted. This Winter we should be eating well!


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