Grants to religious cults.

In the local paper the other week was a report on the funding of a local cult school. The Exclusive Brethren have a hive out this way, and the new Government decided to make good on Howard’s promise to give them $130,000 to fund their child abuse and indoctrination programs. The Age has a story on $10 million being given to them, despite recognition that they are a destructive cult.

Other locals are wondering if the Rudd Government will also provide the local Council with funds for a mental health program to assist the poor buggers who emerge emotionally scarred and psychologically abused from this misogynist cult.

And exactly why is it that Australian taxpayers are funding the emotional abuse of children?

If Mr Rudd is concerned to continue funding schools in low socio-economic areas, why not fund public schools who need it all the more?


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