Man problem

On the front cover of one of the local papers this week was the headline MAN PROBLEM. Together with a photo of four obligatory feminine females, the story waxed whiny about the lack of men in Melton. Apparently according to the last census there are hundreds and hundreds more women than men, between the ages of about 20 and about 50, in this region.

This might only be a reflection of the numbers in Australia overall, but in the larger picture it tends to be the older age groups where women hold sway.

Considering that we now outnumber men, why exactly is it that the boys’ club mentality remains entrenched in our culture? Oh, that would be the money. After ten years of misogynist Government, women are worse off than in the Seventies when it comes to equal opportunity and equal pay… So money, and dicks, still talk downunder.

In the online edition, the title has been altered to Melton’s man drought. Perhaps someone thought it was impolite to imply that there might be a problem with the male of the species?

In the same paper, though apparently not in the online content, are stories of robberies, a hit and run and two rapes of women by men.

It seems that our supposed “man problem” might not actually involve a lack of them.


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