Three cheers for the blue screen of death

Shameless pilferage from Shakesville. Oral Roberts University faces the blue screen of death Cross posted from Bark Bark Woof Woof.

How’s about that then? A laptop crashes and so does a religious empire. Gotta love that.

Oral Roberts is the one who was called by God to raise 8 million dollars for a bible college or “be sent home”. I recall a blogger comment that allowing himself to be killed by God for disobedience would probably have been a more effective demonstration of faith… or at least more humorous.

But what’s the deal with Mrs. Roberts Jnr (property of the son, not the patriarch) sending all these txt msgs to young blokes? Heh, part of me is thinking “half her luck” but not at the expense of Uni students who were guilt tripped into attending godbag college, eh? Wonkette has a brilliant post on “the cougar of ORU.”

Corrente has a take on the story, filed under the appropriate tag “what is wrong with these people” LOL

It’s unfortunate but the way things have developed in recent centuries, well, millenia really, religion has been used by these little nimrods and ahabs to build personal or political empires of wealth and power… with misogyny so deeply ingrained in both the males and their female furniture that it is seen as a sign of good faith. Having said that, it won’t be the abuse of power or hatred of women that takes the spotlight with this one. Already the focus is on the wife.

The whole purity ball thing must just wear off once you’re married, eh? Since a woman’s only real value in that system is her virginity. Will other lunatic fundies see this as “proof” of women’s inherent sinfulness and the need for domination? Hmmm. And what about all the other sexual predators using religion as a cover? Whether it’s the well heeled wife of a millionaire playing Mrs. Robinson, or Ministers touching up girls who go to see them for “christian counselling” the whole nonsensical focus on human sexuality and repression seems to be approaching boiling point.

Pam’s House Blend has another interesting review of this percolating scandal (groan)… Why does god hate Oral Roberts University? and the commentariat are in fine style over there! The post contains a copy of a memo requesting that ORU facilities be seconded to assist a theocrat in a bid for election.

Dunno really. The Witch in me wants to sit back and say “well, when you build glass houses…” but the whole deal is so sordid. It’s hard to gloat at the trouble this will cause, and the pain so many possibly well intentioned students and faculty are going to suffer because of the hoo-haa… when you’re in that place, (fundamentalism) you’re so emotionally and psychologically damaged, so manipulated into thinking and doing everything according to the “word of God” tradition as manufactured by tin-pot Nimrods and their Jezebels. It’s hideous to endure and even worse to try to emerge from. So far it’s taken me 13 years and counting… A bunch of us were chatting about it yesterday, the damage such abuse does to the psyche… *shudder*

My last word, Witch and all, is “poor bastards”.


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