Happy Friday

After another big dummy spit about patriarchal pedophilia, as you do, I’ve decided to remember inner peace rather than remaining apoplectic with rage over pinheaded religious males who insist that it’s their god given right to treat women like toilets. Obviously having been there, the mere mention of such situations can be massively triggering… However… The corporate catchphrase of the milisecond is “moving forward” so lets wipe the foam off the mouth and take a deep breath or three.

Peter Garrett is being soundly criticised for his own lack of criticism of the Gunns paper mill “trash the Tamar for fun and profit” development. What a shame. Yanno, it really seemed that Peter was keeping his powder dry, waiting till the ALP got elected to Government so he could come out with both barrels and take a stand for the environment and, well, something resembling common sense that we haven’t seen in Australian politics in, oh, about ten years. That may still be the case, since it increases the sense of desperation that many are feeling. How on earth do we overcome corporate greed when the results are so clearly coming home to bite us on the collective bum? How many more years of drought do you want?

Personally I’d still prefer Garrett to be PM over Rudd or Howard any day. But those are the options we’re given. The ALP party machine fortunately offers some representation, as distinct from the Libs who are entirely authoritarian. And stupid. And short-sighted. Etc.

With voter registration having fallen neatly through the cracks, I was off the hook from having to worry about going through the motions contributing to a system that see-saws back and forth between Conservative and marginally less conservative… developed over the centuries to select for spinelessness, greed and treachery… with the two alternatives being both Sydney Anglicans… Actually doing something about reducing personal participation in consumer society seemed a much more constructive option. But the Greens.

But… the Greens. If there’d been more Greens in Senate over the last four years, we’d be living in a very different country right now. Not that they’d have been able to completely turn our “rape the planet for Jesus” mentality around in that time, but at least there’d have been some vestige of self-control or limit to the abuses. Of course that’s also providing that corporate media conglomerates paid any attention whatsoever to anything resembling sanity or reasonable forward-thinking political ideology.

It’s beginning to look like de Bono was more right than anyone realised. At least, no one’s tried to act on any of his observations that the current political system in Australia is pathetic, outdated, idiotic and serves the interests of career politicians at the expense of the country and its people.

So it was pleasantly surprising to see what some clever people are doing with Facebook. Some of the groups forming there are funny, some are potentially quite useful. “I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who don’t like George Bush” for example. Support the monks’ protest in Burma is another.

Now, a whole lot of people signing up for an online laugh is not going to have a whole lot of effect on the military regime over there… however it does serve as a basis for connecting people of like mind to organise protests in sympathy and the single most effective protest in consumer society, not buying things from companies that are in bed with abusers. Not that I buy anything from religious freaks anyways, but you get the idea.

What this also does is support people who are critical of abuses. Twenty five years ago when I was going through all manner of trauma over the treatment of the environment, finding very little in the way of outlet for creating change, it was extremely frustrating. These days kids who are aware of the state of things and the need for change can attend concerts, join groups and talk to others who share their concerns. It’s a massive difference when you’re alone and feeling like you would rather be dead than live in a world where pedophilia, misogyny or child mutilation can be “excused” by religious or economic claims. At least you know that there are many, many others out there who know it’s bullshit and that at least provides some hope.

At least Burmese people living in Australia know that someone can hear them and would like to help.

Dunno what the wildlife in the Tamar sense about all this, that’s a little more zen than I’m up to… but it’s marginally easier to feel less overwhelmed by the collective stupidity of humanity if you know that others share your frustration.


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