More misogyny in the USA

Thanks to the kindly Feminist who pointed out that the “Marry my daughter” site was a hoax. Oops! Well, there’s more to it. Apparently the bloke who wrote the site got plenty of “proposals” from eligible bachelors looking to marry girls as young as 13, who could not legally have sex.

Pandagon has some interesting views on the site and other relevant, but unfortunately not hoax, issues in the States.

Likewise Jeff Fecke writes about the problem with “submission” as it is interpreted by religious pedophile freaks.

Having pissed away ten years of my own life in a cult that taught that there’s no such thing as rape in marriage because a woman’s body is the property of her husband, I can understand how these poor girls feel. What’s better is that I also understand the rage they’ll wield when they’re in their thirties and forties and finally get the hell out of there. Which, hopefully, they’ll do very, very soon!

The Happy Feminist considers the battle between conservatives and Feminists, particularly over marriage. Apparently some conservative talking heads are using Andrea Dworkin and others’ comments about marriage to offer the impression that Feminism is horrific. Unfortunately for many women like myself who were involved in churchy marriages, it was all too much like prostitution and abuse. What broke the camel’s back in my own case was realising that “oh my god, I have to fuck this loser to keep a roof over my head”… In those exact words my whole life came into sharp focus and when he threatened to belt me and threw me out, he didn’t have to ask twice!

Thirteen years down the track I’m only now getting back on my feet emotionally. About time, really, but it does kinda get my goat that this is still happening to other, much younger women. Bastards.


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