Mixed messages.

It’s one of those WTF? Kind of days. You could be forgiven for wondering what’s going on in Aus these days, what with the media pulling things back and forth all over the place. A symptom of being in it for the money and damn the torpedoes. A mentality of exploitation and all that…

A photo of a female golfer was published in a “lad mag”, a class of publication that manages to combine pornography with misogynist tabloid journalism in a most depreciatory manner. Locker room “journalism”, if you like.

Golf star sues over ‘lustful’ claim. from The Age is also run as golf champ sues over saucey photo in the Sydney Morning Herald. This is not the first time this has happened. Laura Bingle, the bikini clad woman in the “Where the bloody hell are you?” tourism adverts also sued them for publishing photos of her. Oddly, mention of this seems to have vanished from the papers’ archives. A search on the subject now returns porn. Hmmm. Worse, the comments section in the Daily Terror where a bunch of jocks deride the woman for taking her clothes off and being ‘not that hot’.

All this could be shrugged off as merely convict mentality, however the article appeared next to this one. US chastity evangelist targets Aussie kids.

The issues of course are the focus on marriage, which according to Dr. Muriel Porter in her thesis ‘sex, marriage and the church’ is a historical anomaly anyway. Until late in the 18th century it wasn’t legally necessary, most “marriages” were common-law, that is de facto, and only because of widows’ benefits in the world wars being given only to women who were legally married, did so many couples opt for the formal ritual.

Secondly a concentration on abstinence is in some cases replacing useful sex education regarding contraception, disease prevention and homosexuality.

Interesting messages to send, don’t you think? Sign here, promise to keep your knickers on until you get married… but in the meantime you also have permission to be considered meat. It’s a bit like Britney Spears supposedly being a virgin but at the same time prancing around like a stripper. Is there any middle ground? Can we all be simply human and let sex stay in a happy place and get on with life? Nah. Sex sells, and they’re in it for the money. Whether it’s selling “soft” porn or subjecting children’s minds to insitutionalised religious guilt, it’s all about money and power. What century are we in, again?


One Response to “Mixed messages.”

  1. cfsmtb Says:

    I’ve had a WTF? for about four years. Nah make it closer to 40 years.

    Recall all that palavar about Jane Rutter in the 80’s & 90’s. Yes she played the flute…

    Also SBS is repeating Pria Viswalingam’s brilliant doc series Decadence, you of loved last nights episode!

    Tootle-pips & happy Talk like a Pirate Day.


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