Land of the convicts…

Ah, Australia. Well, Tasmania more accurately. Where people have two heads and neither of them support a brain.

The State Government is apparently looking at changing laws to allow 12 year olds to use firearms. The rest of the nation has reacted with some degree of disbelief. The same State that experienced the Port Arthur massacre is planning on putting more guns in the hands of younger children. What will they think of next?

Of course, this is the same State where the Gunns corporate conglomerate is trying to build the largest paper pulp mill in the hemisphere, if not the world. The massive factory is proposed to be situated in one of the most pristine, beautiful environments in the world. Why? So some greedy bastard can make more money logging old growth forests.

APEC failed utterly to address any meaningful issue in any meaningful way. It was primarily a half-baked excuse for a bunch of tin-pot dictators to swan around in designer suits showing off their aircraft etc. at the expense of millions. What an insult. Good on the Chaser boys for showing it up as a big wank.

APEC and other events like it are a kind of indicator of the depths to which “Western” civilisation has sunk. What we see in operation in situations like this is the product of many years of selection for greed, deceit and cowardice.

At some point I imagine we’ll wake up to ourselves. Whether this is before or after breathing apparatus become necessary for continuing life on earth remains to be seen.


One Response to “Land of the convicts…”

  1. Winslie Gomez Says:

    Isn’t TAS famous for eradicating all the indegenous poeple?

    Makes sense then letting a 12yr old carry a gun.

    Good article, cheers!

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