That reminds me…

A friend last night loaned me a book about spirituality, namely awakening your psychic potential. Or, what to do with all those freaky premonition thingies…

The book is so far interesting and a little spooky. One of the interesting things the author had to say early on was that anger holds you up developmentally speaking. Well, what a surprise. As someone who’s spent most of my life being angry, beginning with the emotional and other effects of a man raping me at age 4, it is something that I’ve had to deal with repeatedly.

It did remind me, however, that I could spend less time being angry and more time noticing all the wonderful things intelligent, capable women are doing these days. Which also reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get a witchy blog happening at some stage, to discuss the development of non-patriarchal religious and spiritual beliefs.

That would begin with recognising the influence of ideas like “made” rather than “born”. If the whole universe is the living, breathing body of the “I” of the universe, then when we come into being in this system, we’re born. This is a contrast to images of clay being shaped or dumb dirt having the manufacturer’s thumb prints pressed into it without knowledge or consent… But if we use words like “born” we’re raising the issue of the female nature of giving life and bringing into being. That obviously doesn’t go down too well in some circles where any credit given females is suspect of elevating us out of our subordinate role.

So, born I am. Born, thinking and learning.

Hopefully loving too! ;-)


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