Stupid white men.

In the paper online today there was an article by a couple of white boys complaining about a certain ad campaign. No, not the one where a couple of young women imply that all car hoons have little dicks…

Violence against women. It’s not all right but it is all white complains that all the men pictured in the ads are “white”.

Firstly this is not true. The guys look like any bloke you’d pass on the street, some of them quite not white… but truly, what a pathetic complaint.

Which brings me to my main point. This is a perfect example of an issue Feminists have long identified as a problem with male privilege. These two men think it is more important that their feelings have been hurt by an implication than that women are daily abused, raped, beaten and degraded on a nationwide scale. It is more important to these men that they feel a bit put out by the images than that violence and hatred of women is entrenched in Australian culture.

They completely ignore the fact that white men in positions of authority such as parliament and policing rape children for decades and get away with it.

They also ignore the fact that despite the research linking porn and rape, which is stronger than that linking smoking and cancer, that most “lad mags” and porno mags which reduce women to the status of mere objects into which men masturbate, are targetted at white men.

Not only do we live in a culture still far too heavily influenced by its convict origins, our society also defines men as a class as superior to women as a class, and white people as a class as superior to anyone else. For a while now some white men have been complaining that any criticism of this status quo amounts to man bashing, and that white men are the target of abuse. In a society where classes define people as being unequal and with or without power on the basis of gender or ethnicity, those at the top have the privilege. Many other men are hideously embarrassed by this and other displays of neanderthal chest thumping.

How about this for an idea, if you don’t like ads on tellie suggesting that you should treat women as human, how about you stop treating us like shit, Einstein.


One Response to “Stupid white men.”

  1. profeministmale Says:

    I can’t disagree with you, so I am not going to say of that; but I wanted you to know I am glad you found my blog, and I, in turn, found yours. Yours is a thoughtful one. Thanks for writing. Would you mind if I added you onto my blogroll?

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