White criminals walking free.

In a nation where being Indian and passing on a SIM card to your cousins can have you locked up for weeks without charges and your reputation defamed internationally, it pays to be a white boy.

Police found drugs, weapons and explosives in a house in North Melbourne early this morning.

The result?

Matthews was bailed after appearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday afternoon for a remand hearing.

I could probably spend a lot of time blogging on the difference in the way politicians the law and media reports treat people, but it’s a little like shooting fish in a barrel.

In the Northern Territory, where children are so sacred we sit by idly for ten years and allow them to mature into a serious political distraction, the police and Army officers sent in to save the children are so under supported that there haven’t been any arrests.

For children outside of remote aboriginal communities, the story doesn’t seem to be much different. This man only served part of his time after being convicted of abusing children. Tasmanians are concerned about children not being given consistent care and support in foster families. A coach at a school was found in possession of child pornography and let out on bail in WA and another two involved in an international internet porn ring are also walking the streets.

In indigenous communities there have been bans on porn of any kind and alcohol in an attempt to look like the government’s serious about looking after children, but although the research linking porn and rape is stronger than that linking smoking and cancer, posters advertising half naked women in “lad mags” are still plastered all over suburban shopping centres.

Some 97% of the women appearing in porn and working as prostitutes are victims of rape and or child sexual abuse, yet Governments seem more interested in sustaining the population of abused women rather than dealing with the underlying causes of the problem.

In Australia it seems women are still damned whores or God’s police. Surely we’re going to advance into the 21st century some time soon? Does anyone really want their daughters living in this situation?


2 Responses to “White criminals walking free.”

  1. ish Says:

    I agree with you on the Mohammed Haneef issue. I’m not an Australian and I never knew that the situation of women was so delicate in the country down under. You know we’ve always been seeing Australia as it was propagated in the Australian Open and all. It was just a beautiful, sunny country to all of us but seems like it has major issues too.

    I live in India and I can tell you, the situation with women in here is not very good either. Almost everyday you get to see a rape or stalking or eve teasing case and in my opinion, it’s gross. And I’m not in favor of the news channels showing it all on T.V. either. You see the woman is already traumatized and they go all the way asking her to recollect the entire situation and how it happened while the rapist almost always gets away free. There’s no count of the rich brats who hire women everyday for their happiness. And when the police comes to know of a sex racket, all the girls are caught and put into jail. Does anybody ever think what got them to do such a thing in the first place? Nope, nobody ever does. And it’s sad that people go around getting votes by saying they’ve done so much for the status of women. In a country who’s president happens to be a woman, the female foeticide rate happens to be shamefully high. I don’t know what will become of our country.

    And I don’t get it why the judge was being so unfair with the Indian guy. Maybe it was pressure from England or something? Atleast the guy has returned home now but they’ve still not given him back his passport.

  2. crowlie Says:

    Unfortunately it looks like our Government was attempting to use him as a political scapegoat, there’s lots of marginal seats in Queensland, which means that a few votes could make quite a bit of difference.

    Dr. Haneef doesn’t have his visa back, but what are the odds that he’d want to come back here anyway?

    I saw a movie the other night about a woman living under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan… brrr. Surely things have to change!

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