Remind me, who is the victim?

This evening one of Melbourne’s papers ran an online article about the beginning trial of a rapist.

Accused rapist pleads guilty tells the story of a young man, 19 years old, who stalked and then raped a woman in her own home.

Bowen’s lawyer Michael Page said his client was in a “delicate mental state”.
Mr Page said Bowen had attempted to commit suicide while on remand and had tried to escape the Melbourne Assessment Centre.

No mention is made of how the young woman felt as she watched a room full of family and friends turn up and stick up for the perpetrator of what was described as a vicious rape. I wonder what her mental state was? Why did the reporter comment on the many friends of the rapist and not mention the woman he had so savagely abused?

It seems that in Australia, violence against women and children is only a problem if you’re aboriginal or get caught.


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