Jumper leads out for pollies.

This arvo I log on to do a bit of housekeeping blogwise… Since it’s past Imbolc now… and was greeted by this stunning article about the latest neuroscience discovery.

Scientists jump start brain.

By using electrodes inserted deep into the brain, doctors were able to stimulate the brain of a man who’d been virtually comatose after an assault and return consciousness and function for him.

This is an amazing discovery. A fantastic advance in the medicine. What a gift this might be to all of mankind. Imagine the benefits to people who’ve been suffering or comatose for years. Imagine the spin off science for people who’ve been brain damaged or never fully developed mental faculties.

Imagine what this might mean for politicians who’re stuck with retrograde brain performance and sub-standard cognitive activity. This could be a magnificent, a glorious revolution in the government of every Western society, indeed, every country on earth governed by men with previously no foresight and seemingly no rational capability.

Consider the Howard Liberal government for instance. The same politicians who now support companies that mine coal at the detriment of investment in genuinely clean, renewable energy sources, will with the application of a couple of well placed jumper leads, be able to rationally contemplate the consequences of their actions and plan for the future in a meaningful way!

Another pertinent example would be education. Those politicians and bureaucrats who now say they believe education is important but in reality treat schools as a bottom of the barrel priority, will have the brain capacity to do according to what they say they believe! Educating our children and providing them with appropriate cultural models will become a reality in Australia. What an astonishing development that would be.

Wow. Politicians and leaders with functioning brains. People have been saying since the 50’s that science can save the human race. Now it’s almost believable.


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