Good vs Evil…. nutty web humour edition.

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Well, it was 33%, but we can’t have that, can we?

Actually I tried many times to get a good evil rating (?) but eventually had to hack. According to the system the Spirit of God is alive and present in all of my writing…..


Archetypes and the gender dichotomy.

Various symbols of gender roles have been popping up recently, in dreams, Tarot and conversation. I found a fantastic book about dream interpretation, Dream Alchemy by Jane Theresa Anderson. It’s a great book. Not only does it walk you through a number of dreams common to humans, it offers useful suggestions for working with what your dreams are telling you. How to use the symbols and feed back positive suggestion to move forward.

As a witch I have no problem with the use of symbols for positive psychological suggestion. As a thinking woman I have no problem with using psychology and ritual to change my life and understanding for the better. Isn’t that what the unconscious is for, to interface with what’s going on at a deeper level and overcome shallow, imposed constructions that try to force you into someone else’s pigeon hole?

In some places this book, as do many others, uses Jung’s archetypes. No problem with Jung, except that he as much as so many other men, was a product of his culture. Unfortunately the same thing holds true of other famous spiritual writers such as Paul Foster Case, Arthur Waite and even Aleister Crowley. The thinking of society at the time was that the masculine had to be logical, light and active energy and the female was the dark, passive, intuitive energy.

This is something of a problem if we’re trying to evolve toward a society where women and men are seen as equally human, rather than men being “more human” or at least more important than women. It’s obviously hugely necessary to see women as human in their own right and not an accessory to men or some necessary evil to provide sex and babies for men.

All people whether male or female have active initiating energies and strong conforming or shaping energies at work in their lives. To characterise a shaping energy as “passive” and therefore “female” contributes to a gender bias that does no one any good. It contributes to the problem rampant in christendom of projecting the shadow onto others and in fear of dealing with the deeper elements of the psychy even making the shadow evil.

To evolve as humans we need to be able to deal first with our own shadows, rather than seeing our own evil in others and then punishing them. We need to balance the forces and archetypes at work in our own psyches, rather than wanting all the “male” ones because we want power over our own (or others’) lives, or wanting the “female” ones because we think we must be submissive to be acceptable in a masculine defined society.

What I’m proposing is not that we throw out archetypes, but that our attachment to constructing psychological, spiritual and energetic archtypes as “male” or “female” under the continuing influence of Victorian era androcentric cultural norms be reconsidered.

Crowley hinted at this when he considered the Tarot trump Strength as a female energy and called it Lust. The kundalini energy in women is equally as strong as in men, it’s an energy common to humans after all. It is the Anglo cultural stereotype that tries to portray men as being necessarily strong and women as weak in order to appeal to the indoctrination of men to take power over others. Should I say illegitimately take power over others…

Because of course every human should have power over their own lives, be responsible for their own lives, in relation to others but not taking power over others. That’s where christendom has embraced Nimrod. The idea of imperial conquest and the construction of dominating power as a good rather than an inappropriate, disrespectful and abusive overstepping of the lines. Yes, it’s about boundaries. Yes, it’s about self-respect and self-determination. And yes, it’s about women being human.

That reminds me…

A friend last night loaned me a book about spirituality, namely awakening your psychic potential. Or, what to do with all those freaky premonition thingies…

The book is so far interesting and a little spooky. One of the interesting things the author had to say early on was that anger holds you up developmentally speaking. Well, what a surprise. As someone who’s spent most of my life being angry, beginning with the emotional and other effects of a man raping me at age 4, it is something that I’ve had to deal with repeatedly.

It did remind me, however, that I could spend less time being angry and more time noticing all the wonderful things intelligent, capable women are doing these days. Which also reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get a witchy blog happening at some stage, to discuss the development of non-patriarchal religious and spiritual beliefs.

That would begin with recognising the influence of ideas like “made” rather than “born”. If the whole universe is the living, breathing body of the “I” of the universe, then when we come into being in this system, we’re born. This is a contrast to images of clay being shaped or dumb dirt having the manufacturer’s thumb prints pressed into it without knowledge or consent… But if we use words like “born” we’re raising the issue of the female nature of giving life and bringing into being. That obviously doesn’t go down too well in some circles where any credit given females is suspect of elevating us out of our subordinate role.

So, born I am. Born, thinking and learning.

Hopefully loving too! ;-)

Deadly car culture

This little gem has annoyed me so much I’ve blogged about it twice now. Once on my cycling blog but now let’s get stuck into the misogyny inherent in the story.

A report this morning about a hit and run driving accident, in which a man hit a woman pushing a pram across a pedestrian crossing, appeared in the online paper. According to the article the man has been arrested and charged with “negligently causing serious injury”. Why not attempted murder? Did he think the pram was full of cans and therefore it was alright to drive right over the top of it and the woman pushing it? Did he not see the pedestrian crossing and think she was fair game?

Australia has been a very masculine oriented culture right from the beginning, when the white population was mostly male convicts. These days, as I blogged yesterday, there are more women than men, yet women still manage to be described in media and culture as somehow secondary to real humans, those being men. The male experience and perspective on life is still considered to be “normal” and of course much more important than “female” things like having babies, providing sex and looking like a blow up doll in order to appease the male populace.

For those men who think this is going too far in describing Aussie culture, consider the treatment of women who opt out. One of those idiot women’s magazines ran an article last year about gangs of men who rape lesbians to make them straight. Then there’s the cultural annihalation of females over 40, unless they reinvent themselves as desperate housewives.

In the case of car culture, things go even further. The car being naturally an extension of the male appendage, which is also used as a weapon to enforce masculine dominance, reporting of major accidents such as this one reveal a great deal about the attitudes inherent in Australian culture. First note the use of passive language.

Charlene Cavanagh, 31 was crossing a pedestrian crossing on the Princes Highway in Norlane with her two-year-old son when she was hit last Saturday.

Hit by what, I wonder? A gumnut? It’s almost as if she’s responsible for the accident by being on the pedestrian crossing, getting in the way of the driver.

While we’re on the subject of victim blaming, here’s some other stunning examples from recent reporting.

Assaulting a woman while she was breastfeeding her child in a shopping centre women’s lounge had this young man in court yesterday.

His lawyer, Zarah Garde-Wilson, said her client had suffered a traumatic episode as a result of his partner’s abortion.
He made apologies for his conduct and had spent 27 days in pre-sentence detention.
Ms Garde-Wilson said her client had suffered “ridicule” in custody and notoriety in the community following media reports about his arrest.

Somehow all of a sudden this has centred on how he feels, how he has suffered and the time he has done. Well, at least he’s active in something in this story.

Here’s how the same incident was reported by a woman in a tabloid…

A TEENAGER has pleaded guilty to groping a breastfeeding mother at a shopping centre.

Groping??!!! But wait, there’s more!

Prosector Sgt Kevin Ellis told the court Mr Chkhaidem had “invaded what was an intimate moment between mother and child”.
He said security footage showed Mr Chkhaidem loitering outside the changing room before the assault.
“She was fearful and felt she may have contributed to the incident,” Sgt Ellis said.

I’m still googling to find the reporting on the original incident, but the searchwords keep finding me millions of articles on women’s breasts before and after feeding, and some idiot groping ‘fakes’ at a fashion show.

The young man hung around the mothers’ lounge, approached this woman while she was feeding her child then after harrassing her for some time, he physically sexually assaulted her. This is, in the Australian press, reduced to groping.

Naturally, being a good little fem bot, the mother concerned has internalised responsibility for the assault. “She felt she may have contributed”. How exactly? By being there? By being female? And this said by a police officer involved in prosecuting the offence. What hope does this woman have? What hope do any of us have, if we are still, in the 21st century, considered responsible for men violating our bodies simply because we’re female? Talk about convict culture.

Another interesting point is the manner in which men are blogging about this story. Do a search in technorati and have a look at the way the man’s ethinicity come into play. How dare some non-white boy touch our women! All the possessiveness of your average, garden variety neanderthal.

In the original report in the tabloids the ethnicity of the perpetrator was the focus of the story, and the mother was quoted as saying

In a feeding room doing something natural, feeding your own child, you should be able to do (it) in privacy and peace

The mother goes from being shaken and embarrassed to feeling responsible. Possibly because a prolonged assault was considered nothing more than a groping in the press? A breast grab…?

This is a perfect example of the way crimes against women are reported in a passive voice, so that men are not seen as being responsible for their own actions, and also the tone of the language might well be a script for a p0rno!

Tigtog has blogged a timely piece about passive/aggressive use of language in rape reporting.

But this accused rapist pleads guilty would have to take the cake for the latest piece of turning the male rapist criminal into a victim of the crime.

If a woman expresses feelings of humiliation or depression after she is raped by a man, she’s accused of playing the victim or told to get over it. It seems that even as victims, men are more legitimate human beings than women.

Some months ago Germaine Greer appeared in a tv show interview in which she commented on the way most women don’t realise how much men hate them. Do they really hate you? The interviewer questioned. These articles would be a fairly good depiction of the fact that if you’re an honest woman, you only have to open your eyes to see that men really do hate you.

I am so angry right now!

New favourite blogs.

A link to Lab Kat, one of my new favourite blogs.

It’s a while since I’ve perused the ‘nets discovering wild, willful, wonderful, intelligent, garrulous women, and there seem to be more and more of us out there. Vive le Femme!

There really are some delightfully funny writers out there.

In other news, I’ve been pondering news reports that women in Australia now outnumber men. What might be the implication of this? Given our convict beginnings, there were many, many more men than women in Australia at the outset of Anglo settlement. Some 200:1. Anne Summers wrote a fantastic book called “Damned whores and God’s police” detailing the hefty dose of madonna/whore thinking in Australia’s foundation.

Initially I thought this news about numbers might provoke women-hating idiots like those in Sydney Anglican diocese (and unfortunately elsewhere) who think women should be submissive to men, to try to take ‘a firmer hand’.

However, if there are simply more of us here, doens’t that now make us the norm, culturally speaking? Isn’t our experience and life now more “normal” by simple weight of numbers? Hmmm. This should inspire some creative thinking among young (and old!) women for some time to come!

Stupid white men.

In the paper online today there was an article by a couple of white boys complaining about a certain ad campaign. No, not the one where a couple of young women imply that all car hoons have little dicks…

Violence against women. It’s not all right but it is all white complains that all the men pictured in the ads are “white”.

Firstly this is not true. The guys look like any bloke you’d pass on the street, some of them quite not white… but truly, what a pathetic complaint.

Which brings me to my main point. This is a perfect example of an issue Feminists have long identified as a problem with male privilege. These two men think it is more important that their feelings have been hurt by an implication than that women are daily abused, raped, beaten and degraded on a nationwide scale. It is more important to these men that they feel a bit put out by the images than that violence and hatred of women is entrenched in Australian culture.

They completely ignore the fact that white men in positions of authority such as parliament and policing rape children for decades and get away with it.

They also ignore the fact that despite the research linking porn and rape, which is stronger than that linking smoking and cancer, that most “lad mags” and porno mags which reduce women to the status of mere objects into which men masturbate, are targetted at white men.

Not only do we live in a culture still far too heavily influenced by its convict origins, our society also defines men as a class as superior to women as a class, and white people as a class as superior to anyone else. For a while now some white men have been complaining that any criticism of this status quo amounts to man bashing, and that white men are the target of abuse. In a society where classes define people as being unequal and with or without power on the basis of gender or ethnicity, those at the top have the privilege. Many other men are hideously embarrassed by this and other displays of neanderthal chest thumping.

How about this for an idea, if you don’t like ads on tellie suggesting that you should treat women as human, how about you stop treating us like shit, Einstein.

Women defining women

Two stories caught my attention this morning in the online press. Firstly an article about the Muslim women’s magazine Azizah. The front page for which, I must say, looks fabulous.

“For centuries, particularly within Muslim majority countries, women have been defined by men” If Muslims believe they have been unfairly maligned by Islam’s association with the terrorist acts of a zealous minority, then its women are the most visible targets of misunderstanding.
“In Muslim majority countries and elsewhere, the Muslim woman is seen as a victim, either the victim of men or the victim of religion,” Taylor said.
Taylor, a Canadian of Caribbean descent who converted to Islam at the age of 15, said that in this environment, the hijab had unfairly become an “alien marker” signifying restriction and restraint. Yet increasingly, young Muslim women saw it as a “statement of womanhood” and an acknowledgement of intelligence over physical appearance.

Well, women defining themselves, including a preference for intelligence over looks. That deserves applause and support.

Not that I’m about to convert to Islam. I’ve done my time with patriarchal and organised religions, preferring a mother Goddess these days, however a woman exercising freedom to live and define her own life and validate her experiences is a wonderful thing. Blessed be, sisters.

The second is an opinion article asking where all the women superheroes are?

As a kid in the ’70s, I loved watching Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman. She was tall and powerful: an Amazon woman who deflected bullets with golden bracelets and wielded a glittering lasso. She was beautiful, of course, with an otherworldly figure, but she was dignified and serious, with little time for romance.
Thirty years on, you’d think there’d be female superheroes everywhere in kids’ films. But the best Hollywood can now offer is Jessica Alba. In The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, this superhero spends more time worrying about her wedding than the coming Armageddon. She uses her special powers to make a zit disappear on the big day.

Apparently a male blogger observed that Alba’s role was, well, sexist.

Karen Healey would love it!

The article continues with discussion about various women comic characters in movies in recent years and notes the mother-like character in The Incredibles, and of course Buffy who is still a stand out hero.

The only problem is that we’re still caught up in a world of violence and murder, creating enemies and villains, not really getting anywhere as a race. How many women are out there doing heroic things on a day to day basis, that aren’t defined as “heroic” according to our woman-hating, brutally regimented culture? The ancient Aztecs considered a woman who gave birth to be a hero on a par with someone who captured an enemy alive in conflict. The dearth is in our cultural definitions as much as our characters, and the portrayal of such stereotyped characters perpetuates the images of dominance and abuse of power in our culture.

Here’s a real hero for you. A single mother who daily copes with two teenage children and successfully defends her family from the sociopathic intent of malicious politicians in Canberra! Now that’s a hero!