Doctor overboard.

Dr. Haneef has had the misfortune to be the scapegoat that brought the inhumane and illegitimate “anti-terror” laws into sharp relief. When these laws were passed, people were referring to them not as anti-terror but ante-terror, for precisely the reasons we’ve seen demonstrated.

Dr. Haneef was kept in custody without being charged for an unreasonably long period. After two weeks of searching through his home, place of work and belongings, no charge was laid other than the suggestion that he had given a SIM card to a relative some 8 months ago. The relative in question is facing his own charges but has in no way been proven guilty of any criminal act.

Australia’s Immigration Minister claims that Dr. Haneef’s rapid departure after his abuse by the Federal Government and AFP was “suspicious”. The only suspicious thing about this whole sordid affair is how exactly people who think this is all okay were elected to office in Australia.

The treatment of Dr. Haneef is a national scandal and the Australian people should have redress against those who have so terribly damaged our international image through a desperate and tyrannical grab for power.

It is the Howard Government and Minister Andrews who have failed the character test.

Citizens living in Australia are now in more danger from fascist politicians overriding the rule of law and detaining people for expedience in election years than from terrorists. Not that we had a terrorist problem before John Howard lied in Parliament and dragged us into the war in Iraq.

We frequently hear calls for George Bush to be impeached in the US. It is obviously high time John Howard and all of his supporters were called to account for their mismanagement and deceit in governing Australia.


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