Sorting it all out.

You know when you go to leave a comment on someone’s blog, how the host generally gives you an option to sign in… Some will provide a link back to your blog or site, others, like My Space (which I won’t link to because of my feelings about all things Murdoch) only link if you’re using the same host.

So either you don’t link, or you end up with a gazillion little “mumble, mumble” things like this in a gazillion places all over the blogosphere. This could potentially be fortuitous if one is, like myself, a compulsive thinker and writer. I write on rec, philosophy, feminism and all manner of other stuff. Given that it wouldn’t be kosher to discuss the cunt-on-punt bike race on the same blog on which I discuss, say, theology, or discuss women’s experiences of abuse and exploitation in a post right next to looking for a yoga teacher, maybe it makes sense to separate things out a bit?

Which might tell you a whole lot about the kind of things I’d like to write here.

Twisty wrote about prostitution recently, which reminded me of a few favourite horrible sites explaining the damage done by such perverse criminal exploitation of women.

Allow this to be my first toe in the WordPress water. If my blogs are rec, rant and spirit, this will be the Feminist rant site, I think.


First things first.

Hi, I’m Lis’ and I’m a blogaholic. I admit, I need another blog like I need a hole in the head, but after readingTwisty’s blog, of which I am a great fan, it seems WordPress might be worth a try.